Spring – Must be here soon

Just to show that Spring is definately on its way I thought I should post some photos of what is actually flowering at the moment in my garden. There wasn’t a lot as it happened, but each bloom is doubly precious because they are so rare…..

A gift from my children
These were from seeds my children gave me as a gift. The flowers spill over the wine barrel they are planted in which is siturated in the pergola. You can see them from the kitchen table. Soon the bulbs I planted in there will be blooming as well.

Manchurian Cherry
Manchurian Cherry

Purple Flower
I have no idea what this is – I suspect a form of native hibiscus. Will you think me a really horrible woman if I admit that the cutting for this plant was pinched (there I have admitted it…lol) from an open garden that Mum and I were wandering around. The cutting was at most 3 inches long and sat in a jar for ages before I put it into a pot. This plant has been moved twice and is enormous. I keep thinking I should give it a haircut, but then it flowers again for me and I can’t bare to.

Deep Red Camillia
This is one of two camellias I own and have actually been able to grow. I love them – Grandma had camellias everywhere (she grew them from cuttings I think) but I don’t have her sucess I’m afraid. Doesn’t stop me trying though. This camellia is in a wine barrel next to the blue flowers you see above – the contrast is stunning.

Like the camillias I only have two Japonicas. This one and an apricot one which still isn’t in flower or even bud yet. This was a gift from a friend and is a real splash of colour in a bed where nothing else is flowering.


2 thoughts on “Spring – Must be here soon

  1. Lovely flowers, Calidore. The mauve one is a Lavatera. It’s always wonderful to see the blossom trees and the japonicas in flower – you know where Spring is then.

  2. Yep – Alice got there first – Lavatera, which I think is a short-lived perennial – maybe. There is an annual form too, but i don’t think this is it.

    But if anyone has seeds of the annual form …..

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