Catherine’s New Clothes

I had a splurge today. Whenever there is a change of season I start to think about what clothes I have in the wardrobe. No I’m not a fashion victim who has to follow the whims of fashion or I’m not a complete woman (apologies to those who do follow the trends). Rather I like to feel and look good (at least in my opinion) which of late has been difficult as I have to admit a guilty secret….I have put on weight and nothing seems to fit. There comes a time when a girl just can’t sqeeze everything into her clothes and drastic action must be taken.

Now I have looked in the shops (limited as we are here) and I’m afraid that most of the fashions today just don’t suit me. The idea of peices of me bulging out over the top of a low cut pair or jeans or slacks just doesn’t turn me on in the slightest. If I can find anything I like, then the price puts me off totally. I draw the line to spending $60 on a t-shirt, even if it is a very nice t-shirt.

Elise and I wandered down to the local fabric shop in search of patterns which we both liked and could use. Not of a lot of luck there I’m afraid. Yeah well ok so I’m delusional to think that I could find somethimg that a mature woman of 38 (I was being nice to myself there) and a 13 year old could agree on. In the end I found the pattern pictured below (which I love and Elise likes – so long as I am wearing the clothes). I ummed and arred about it for a while but a bargain at a local shop convinced me to buy it.

One of the local fashion shops here (part of a larger chain) often has fabric for sale – mostly in 1.5 to 2 metre lengths from $5 to $10 a peice. Yes a peice, not by the metre, but by the peice. So I splurged….
My new clothes
Everything there is mine, apart from the orange floral (which Elise wants as a skirt) and the whole lot cost me…..$37.00. Not bad considering each peice is 2 metres in length, it is all good quality fabric and most of it has a certain amount of stretch in it (some feels like a stretch drill). So now I just have to find time to cut out the pattern, then the fabric, sew it up and wear it.

3 thoughts on “Catherine’s New Clothes

  1. Fab! Good for you…now if only I could teach myself to sew clothes, I would be pretty chuffed. Lovely fabrics and pattern. Good luck, let us know how you go.
    Also what lovely goodies your friend sent you and your garden and flowers are truly delightful.
    Have a nice week Catherine ~ hugs, Kali šŸ™‚

  2. Brilliant! Thats what I like to hear Catherine… and you will feel fantastic knowing that you made them yourself. I have been making lots of pretty tops and skirts for Belle for summer too. I love to sit back and look at what I have accomplished. You go girlfriend! oxxo

  3. I guess you’ve now been busy all week sewing your new wardrobe. It should look great. I love those patterns where you can make a whole wardrobe with just the one pattern. Would love to see a photo or two when you’ve finished some of the clothes, please … pretty please!

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