Waiting, Waiting

I have had a very long day with Elise. She fainted again this morning so off to the Doctors at 9.30. She had to have blood tests (the machine was broken so they could only get some results) and a chest xray. Back to the Drs and he suspected a grumbling appendix. Yippee….just what we need…..not!!!!!

Off to casualty to see the surgeon, who happened to be operating all day and could see her there as it was more convenient all round. He checked her out and ordered ultrasounds. Some confusion there – he wanted a pelvic (drink lots of fluid) and an upper abdomen (fasting for 24 hours) – can’t do both the same day – to see what was wrong as he didn’t think it was her appendix. In the end she only had the pelvic and nothing showed. Now Elise knows what a really full bladder feels like…lol.. They, ie the Doctors, nursing staff or anyone else for that matter, don’t know what’s wrong, why she is fainting or why she is dizzy. So we got sent home at 4.45 pm with a bottle of antacid for her to drink between meals. If she gets any pain she has to see the surgeon immediately.

You would think after all that they would find out something, but nothing. So now time will tell. Hopefully she will be back at school tomorrow but who knows. She has missed so much school this month it isn’t funny and her grades are going to be slipping – which is adding to the pressure.

If you don’t hear from me it could only mean one of three things……

1. Elise has taken a turn for the worse and is in hospital

2. I am madly trying to catch up on housework, cooking and shopping as I am supposed to go on camp next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with Nicola as the Parent Volunteer and Ashley, Elise and James have to fend for themselves.

3. (And my personal favourite) I have gone quitely insane and am sitting in a corner, sucking my thumb and rocking gently.

Please keep us in your prayers, especially Elise, as at the moment we need all the help we can get.

I sincerly hope your day was heaps better than ours.

6 thoughts on “Waiting, Waiting

  1. I’m sending a comfy cushion for you to sit on while you suck your thumb…lol.

    Seriously, it is very worrying to have a sick child and not know what is causing the problem, which is no doubt very distressing for Elise, too.

    I hope and pray that the cause is soon diagnosed, not serious, easily treated, and cured permanently.

    I daren’t mention that Spring is just around the corner and you will want to be spending long days in the garden —- oh darn it, I did go and mention is after all.

  2. poor child..and poor you, it’s so much worry not knowing what is wrong, here’s seconding Alice’s thoughts that its found soon and not serious

  3. Hugs to you and Elise. I hope you have some handwork to do while you are sitting and waiting.
    Oh, and I beat you to the crazy corner, I’ve been rocking and sucking for about two days now….
    Keep well

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