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Final post for today (can you tell I’m being lazy and just uploading them to my blog straight from flickr…lol)

Milly and I had a good training session today. She is learning (slowly) to walk when on the lead. Bribery in the form of food works well I have discovered – funny about that. Cleo is, as always, a willing participant too so long as there is food going and plenty of it. I sometimes think she seriously wonders if Milly and I are quite sane.

Check out the pink tartan lead I have for Milly. (Right next to Cleo’s ear) Well if we are going to walk out in public we must be dressed for the occassion….roflol.

Ohh and no I don’t have her in a head lock. She loves to have her ears scratched – can you see the look of enjoyment on her face?

3 thoughts on “Milly

  1. She is gorgeous! I love the completely blissful look on their faces when you find that spot – the hubby’s spaniel used to twitch her legs when you found it! That’s a spaniel for ya! I love Milly’s colouring – she’s going to be such a lovely dog 🙂

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