Bloody Fox

Since it is absolutely the nicest weather and feeling very motivated Ashley and I did quite a bit of gardening today. Including rotary hoeing up the vegie garden beds so they are all ready to start planting. Nothing like a freshly rotary hoed bed to make you feel like digging in the dirt.

While we were working in the vegie garden Ashley decided to let the chooks out for a run. Remember we had the incident of the fox a few weeks ago? All my girls have been locked up every day since to keep them safe. All of a sudden we heard a tremendous noise coming from the orchard and chook pen and feathers flying everywhere. We raced in to see the fox with a mouthful of feathers take his time to run to the orchard fence and climb over it. Ashley said the fox stopped and looked at him before climbing over. Now I would have thought the fact we were down there, the tractor was going constantly would have been enough to keep it away. Obviously not!

End result – 8 chooks with their feathers severly ruffled and one dead chook. Arrrrrrrrrrrr I think what made it worse, was even though one chook was dead Mr Fox decided he would be greedy and go for another!

So the door to the chook pen has been reinforced with solid tin and the girls will be kept where they are safe – for eternity if necessary. Looks like we are going to have to hunt up some traps or something to catch this fox. Why don’t we have a nice heavy rock or shanghi to throw at it at times like these I will never know. The dogs weren’t even in the vegie garden with us or we would have sent them after it – although where Ajax would have ended up is anyones guess.

Anyone who thinks these creatures are cute – think again! To see my girls in such a panic and some with feathers plucked out by the mouthful or a hen with her neck broken, is not a sight I want to see any time soon.

I hope your day has been better than mine. Milly did succeed in lightening our mood though. Shortly after the fox incident she was investigating what Ajax was sniffing at at the edge of the dam…..and fell in. It must have been cold in the water as she wasn’t inclined to go back for another swim. Ajax did though – half a dozen laps around the dam and he was happy.


2 thoughts on “Bloody Fox

  1. Catherine, don your fences go into the ground? We found to keep our chooks safe, we had to place the fence 1 foot into the ground. Stopped the foxes getting in. The other morning I was sitting on front verandah morning coffee in hand and a fox came snooping out of the front garden!!! I was so shocked. Goes to show how hungry they are at the moment. I love chickens!

  2. Julia

    The fox climbed over the fence into the orchard where the chooks were . He wasn’t worried in the slighest about going under it at all. Feed might be short for them, but that doesn’t mean I want to run “meals on legs” for the fox population. The Pen that the chooks live in (now all the time) has fencing down into the ground plus it has wire mesh for the roof.

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