………is definately on its way. There are heaps of jonquils all out in full flower in my garden at the moment. While I love the scent (from a distance) it also gives me the worst hayfever and headaches which is not so good. I wouldn’t dig them out for the world though. Jonquils to me are the old fashioned plant that every good garden has to have. Their cheery flowers and masses of blooms are just to thing to inform us that Spring is just around the corner.

The Manchurian Cherry is covered with stunning white blossom and the bees were very busy there this morning. They had such a lovely contented sound as they worked so busily preparing for the season ahead.

The grass is starting to grow. I even mowed lawns last weekend which is also a good sign. While it is pleasant to have a break from the weekly mowing, I do miss that hour long meditation which can be interrupted by trying not to run over a dog or lost toy left lying on the grass. We are still having heavy frosts so I am not planting as yet and am not game to prune anything much – although there is plenty there to be pruned. Roses among them. That might be this weekends job. The children all have Monday off school as it is an inservice for the teachers so they might become unwilling helpers.

I spent a couple of hours this morning spraying weeds and the grass where the new garden bed is going with weed killer. I hate using poisons but unfortuantely in a garden of this size – and with a gardener who isn’t as dedicated as she should be – it is a necessary evil. Mind you I do put it off if it is at all possible. Not spraying where the new bed is to go was an option however. The bed will be raised with sand and compost (remember we have heavy clay) and I don’t want to spend the rest of my days weeding it because it wasn’t prepared properly right from the beginning – like so many of my other beds.

This afternoon I watched a movie – or rather listened to it – while I started embroiderying the first of the gather blocks. It is coming along very nicely and I am very pleased with it. I jsut hope the rest flow as smoothly as this one has. It has been interesting to see the guesses on who is receiving which one. The guesses are all wrong so far in case anyone is wondering…lol.

Thank you for your lovely comments regarding Elise’s block too. She was very pleased to think that others were taking an interest in her work. Last night Elise came home with the elective subjects for next year. She had to choose three – but will only do two. The third is a backup if she misses out on one of her first two choices – which were Photography and Food, Glorious Food. Both of which sound very interesting. Her third choice was Textiles and Craft – basically sewing. I wouldn’t mind doing that subject…lol. Might even get a good mark – which would be a far cry from when I was in secondary school…lol.

I hope your weekend is a good one. We are being promised beautiful weather – which I would trade in an instant for some rain. Thank heavens the pumping season starts soon and my poor, rapidly drying garden will get a decent water.


2 thoughts on “Spring……..

  1. It is really funny to read your description of the signs of spring when we on the other side of the globe have the first signs of autumn coming it’s way. I have some pumpkins growing in my garden, it is raining a lot and the temperature troped from end-thirty to 19 degrees. Normally we have sunny weather in August and beginning September. And after the sommer school break the supermarkets start selling x-mas sweets. This is the final sign that we are facing autumn.

  2. Yes, Spring is on it’s way and so are the weeds. Actually, this afternoon they were on their way into the compost heap.

    Last year I pulled out barrowloads of jonquils but I think there are just as many there this year. They do look nice and the perfume is lovely so long as they remain in the garden and not in the house. Actually, I rarely pick flowers for the house anyway – I just don’t think of it. Richard picks roses when they are in bloom.

    Picked the first of our broccoli tonight and it was so delicious. I think the weather has been so cold and frosty that it’s detered the bugs from eating it.

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