Silence – at last

On Monday I was going to post that the entire house was silent. Yes completely and utterly silent (apart from Milly snoring and the sound of the washing machine that is). I had great plans for getting some sewing done, a little reading maybe and lots of cups of tea. You see everyone, ie Ashley and the children, were all back at work and school respectively. Instead I ended up with a day where my mobile phone rang constantly with text messages from Elise saying she was feeling sick and the house phone ringing with calls from the school saying she was back in sick bay.

Now I will seem like a terribly hard mother – but I told them to keep her there and to send her back to class as soon as they could. You, with mothers intuition…lol, I knew it was just nerves after all Elise had two weeks off school so it was bound to be a bit nerve racking going back. Actually in the end I don’t know who it was harder on, her or me. I admit to sitting at the table having a little cry and doubting whether I did the right thing or not, but in the end I did. Elise came home and admitted that yes it probably was nerves. Hooray for Mum!!!

Tuesday wasn’t much better though. However to cut what will no doubt be a very long story (and possibly quite boring to most of you) Elise and I had a little chat and have agreed that she will not call or text me today, that she is going to school no matter how scary it is, and yes she will sit there and cheer with the rest of the school at the Athletics Carnival that is being held today. I have also told her I’m turning off my mobile so she can’t reach me. I just hope that is the end of it.

Today I’m going to sew. I have cleaned the stove and range hood. The washing is nearly finished, the sun is shining and I’m having a day of acheiveing things. Might just have to have a cuppa first….grin.

Have a wonderful day.


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