I’m Here, But I’m Not…..

Quick post to say I’m around but life has thrown a curve ball – again!! Why I should be surprised after all this time I don’t know.

Elise is still sick. She went to school Monday after being in fairly fine form over the weekend, only to faint at the lockers and all before 9 am. Fortunately her friends were with her and took her to sick bay, so by 9.15am she was home again. Must be the shortest school day on record. Fortuanately her teachers are being very understanding (a doctors certificate helped in that regard) and have assured her that she isn’t missing much. Some have sent homework home for her, but with the proviso that if she isn’t well enough, not to worry about it. It helps that her homeroom teacher is also Ashley’s cousin – who very kindly called in last night with maths homework for her and to see how she is.

Nicola has also spent today at home in bed. She had a tempreture, sore throat and chesty cough – but this afternoon appears to be fine. Well she keeps saying she is bored so I guess that is a good sign that she is back on the mend. Hopefully she will be back at school tomorrow.

James is fine. He tried the argument that he was ill – but when reminded that being ill meant staying in bed, no reading, no playing and defiantely no tv or xbox – he decided that school was important and he should go. After all you never know what exciting things they might be doing today….roflol

So I haven’t acheived all I hoped today. I have been working on a tutorial on how I make crazy quilted postcards as requested by Sandie. She wanted a tutorial that even blondes could understand. Her words not mine….vbg. So far it is coming along very well – I still have to finish the post card, take more photos and write up my notes. Not much when you consider the over all scheme of things…lol..

Now just to decide what we are having for tea. I have a meeting to attend as well – luckily it will be short, it always is and hopefully I will get to the library as well. Not sure when I am going to shop but that had better happen as well in the next few days.

Hope you are all well and keeping busy. Posting will be far and few between for a while I think – but I am keeping up with blogs as best I can. Take care.


5 thoughts on “I’m Here, But I’m Not…..

  1. Oh gosh…. your house sounds just like mine at the moment. Take some time out and take care of yourself my friend. We don’t want you fainting too. Oh, and, more photos of that gorgeous quilt please. xox

  2. Hope the girls will be feeling better in no time C.
    Will you be posting your tutorial on your blog…I’d definitely be interested in seeing it 🙂

    Take care and I look forward to seeing you post when you have the time ~ K.

  3. Thanks girls. I’m resting up – a new stack of books from the library will help…lol. Tutorial will be on my blog Kali I will be interested to hear what you think of it.

  4. Oh no! That sucks – hang on in there. Look after your little ones and yourself, lots of chicken soup and rest.

    Take care 🙂

  5. I hope the girls are feeling much better today, Catherine.

    I look forward to seeing your tutorial. I should give it a go, because if I can do it, then everyone can – whether they are blonde, brunette or brindle.

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