Doctors and Foxes

It’s been another one of those days where I start with one plan and end up doing something entirely different. I’m sure you are all sick of hearing about it, just as I am sick of living it.

Elise didn’t make it to school again today. This time I suspected a urinary infection so off the the Doctors we went – again!! My Doctor this time – at least I will get an honest answer. Just as I suspected the rib cartlage inflammation – was Doctor speak for “I don’t know” (think I will give up checking things on the net). My Doc thinks it is more transferred pain from her back (you should see how she sleeps at night) and the stomach pains and infection (which wasn’t an infection at all) are a result of Elise catching viris, upon viris, upon viris which are doing the rounds of Swan Hill at the moment. His recommendation is rest and fluids – which we are doing anyway. He said that Elise has probably become so run down from the first viris that the others have caught hold very easily and resulted in multiple symptoms. He also said for her not to take anymore of the pain killers she was on – they affect too many people (he gets gastro from them). So another $50 later we both feel happier about the whole thing. At least now Elise has a Doctors certificate to present to school to say she was really ill and not just skipping school.

Now why I feel happier about this Doctors diagnosis more than the last I don’t know. Whatever it is, come hell or high water – Elise is back at school next week – no matter what.

I came home to discover a note from Mum (who was on her way to the school concert) to say she had heard a commotion in the chook pen and raced over to see a fox slinking away. Mum blocked up the hole she saw and checked the hens and thought none were missing. Not so. Elise and I decided to lock them up (to be on the safe side) and discovered one missing and lots and lots of feathers, not to mention another hole in the fence. I blocked that with a big bit on concrete. It’s funny how you have those lying around. Ashley came home about then and following the trail discovered where Mr Fox had been treking through the neighbours to our chicken smorgasboard. Now we have to try and work out how to keep them safe. ‘

Part of the delimma is that the chooks roam the orchard – cleaning up any fallen fruit and generally keeping down the insect population. While it is fenced (stock fence covered with chicken wire) is far too large an area to completely fox proof. I would rather the hens have access to the orchard – but it may be that they will have to be confined to a smaller pen that is safe for them. You have to remember that many of these hens we hatched out ourselves – in a beer box in the laundry – so the kids have some attachment to them, and I have an attachment to the eggs…lol. A solution will need to be found – I just don’t know what.

School concert tonight. Mum went this afternoon (our school runs two concerts to cater for all the parents, grandparents and so on) and said it was wonderful. Nicola and James both enjoyed themselves but are very tired. I just hope they hold out until the end of tonight. I will let you know how it goes.


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