The Money Tree

Like most people, I keep saying I have planted a Money Tree somewhere in this rambling garden of mine, but I just can’t find exactly where it is. Well James has drawn a picture of it and put it on the fridge for me – just so when I do find it, I will recognise it……

So here it is for all those who have been searching in vain as well – now you too will know what it looks like. Ohh and no I haven’t spent the money that is missing off the tree. James tells me it fell off….giggle.

And yes if you think I’m nuts – you’re right.

I have Elise home sick – again. She was sick Tuesday with bad stomach pains, went to school yesterday only to come home at 11 with even more pain, this time centered around her ribs. I took her to the Doctors yesterday to sort it out and we have been told she has Inflammation of the Rib Cartlidge (sorry can’t spell). We can do nothing but wait for the pain to subside and she has to take inflammatory pain killers. Trouble is those pain killers have upset her stomach so much that she has spent most of the morning lying in bed or on the couch trying not to throw up. Arrrrr. I must admit I did wonder if it was Doctor talk for “I don’t really know what is wrong with her” – yes I’m a cynic – but some research on the net confirmed what he said. Why do I have the need to check the diagnosis on the net? Don’t answer that.

Yesterday Toni asked where the pattern came from that I used in the log cabin quilt. Ahhh I wish I could say I made it up all by myself – but I would be fibbing. The pattern is from Australian Patchwork and Quilting – Volume 3, number 4 and is called “Home Sweet Home”. Lee Arvard is the designer. In the books the quilt is made in browns, reds and blues with touches of yellow – it is very pretty. This is an old book – I can’t find any dates on it, but I know I had it when I first started quilting. Maureen I couldn’t pin the quilt to the new shelter – I can’t reach that high and me on a ladder isn’t a good look…lol.

Ohh and yes for those who might be wondering – Milly is a stunning in real life as she is in the photo – just a bit noiser…lol. Of course I’m not biased in any way what so ever.

On that note I need a cuppa and to check the invalid. I hope you all have a wonderful day and acheive just what you set out to acheive for the day.


2 thoughts on “The Money Tree

  1. Hello Ducky! Sorry to hear that your chickens are sickly. Mine are too, Belle is at home today as well with a cough and a sniffle. I adore your money tree and will urge my littlies to make Mama one too… I send you a photo if they manage it. I have spent all our tax refund already would you believe… on bills and necessities for the home, oh well. I hope you are having a lovely rainy day too. With love, Nicole xox.

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