seems so very far away…lol. It has been frantic again this morning but I am making time to post the lastest photos.

Guess where we went yesterday……………………….
Local Cemetry
Does the photo give a clue? Yes the cemetry. Mum and I did what we call in this family – The Cemetry Run. Every few months Mum goes out and puts new flowers on the graves of her parents, brother and sister (yep Mum is the last of the line – well unless you count my sister and I and our kids that is), her grandparents and various uncles and aunts. Yesterday we decided to take a picnic morning tea as well and made it into a real outing.

The sad thing is that when Mum goes I doubt that I will spend the time putting flowers on these graves. I’m not saying that I would forget those relatives, but many Mum knew as a girl, they had all passed away by the time I came along. All I have is the potted history Mum gives me as we go from grave to grave. So yesterday I took the camera along and have taken photos of them all. I will scrapbook them I think, with details from Mum of who they were and what they did. Just so I will remember many years down the track.

If you want something really weird – guess where we ate our morning tea……….drumrolll – at the cemetry. We went to Lake Boga Cemetry (about 15 mins from home) where Mum’s sister and grandparents are buried and there is a table and chairs there – so we sat and enjoyed the sunshine and our cuppa. It was so peaceful. The only sounds you could hear where the birds and the click, click, click of the hydrolic pruners as the fruit pruners moved from tree to tree. The cemetry is surrounded by orchards and in spring it must be a picture with all the trees in flower. I really should go back then and take some more photos.

Sunday was spent putting the new shade structure in to the garden.
The New Shade Structure - yet to be named
This is at the side of where the stream/creek/channel was going to go. Which has now been down graded into a very large garden bed by He Who Had to Contstruct It. The bed is even marked out with line marking paint – I just have to wait until spring for the grass to start growing before poisoning it all. A job I hate, but necessary if I don’t want weeds and grass growing out of control in my new bed. The stump in the corner of the photo is at The Hut looking back towards the house.

Just cause I couldn’t resist another photo of Milly……. who knows just when to pose nicely for the camera…lol

Nicola and her Cheese and Bacon Muffins
Nicola with her Cheese and Bacon Muffins that Kali kindly shared the recipe too. Nicola was so proud of herself as she made them with very little help from me. I’m proud of her cause she cleaned up her mess at the end of it all…lol.

Log Cabin - Another UFO Finished
This is the Log Cabin quilt that I had photographed on my bed the other day. Sorry the quilt is a little crooked – Mum was struggling to hold it straight for me.


4 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. What a great idea to scrap book the pictures and include details…definitely worth it for generations to come. You know, when I’d go and visit my babba’s grave up in Darwin I found it so peaceful and beautiful…I think it’s a good thing, not morbid at all. If anything reminds us how precious and fleeting life really is…I’m glad you both had a nice time.
    Nicola is such a sweetie and you deserve to be proud, what a darling child…those muffins look scrummy and the kitchen spotless.
    Lovely quilt and that ‘lil Milly sure is a character.
    take care, Kali xo

  2. Send Nicole up here please C,she can do some baking for me!!

    Love the quilt………but WHY didnt you save your mums arms by pegging the quilt to the frame of the new shelter??

    I find one of the sides of our tank stand an excellent place for quilts.

    And hey,is Milly Molly Mandy as gorgeous as she looks,or does she just know to hold a pose for the phtographer?

  3. Glad that you will have photos and some details about your ancestors. There’s such a wealth of history in cemetaries and all the headstones raise even more questions about those who have passed on. I’ve often thought that I would like to go to Springvale Lawn Cemetary just to look at the roses and gardens.

    Lots more gardening coming up for you in the spring and summer. Perhaps Milly will help you dig the ground….lol.

    Those muffins of Nicola’s look so delicious. I’m sure they will be too if they are from a Kali recipe.

    Lot of work in that quilt. Very well done, Catherine.

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