Peacock Block

I am progressing slowly on this block. It sat for so long as I really didn’t know what to do with it at all. A complete mental blank you might say.

This is it in it’s original form with the peacock being created.
The tail is lace that I hand dyed (one of my earliest attemps) and the body is padded with felt which I then satin stitched over in varigated hand dyded thread (stranded cotton) single strands.

Peacock Block 2
This is where I am up to so far. Not a whole lot more to do – I used way to many fancy fabrics and am finding it difficult to make things stand out. Well it is one of my very early attempts at crazy patchwork. I find it amazing just how much my style has changed in the months since I originally made this block.

I added the hand dyed doiley to the bottom right corner. My eye kept slipping off the block and it needed something to stop it. See Sharon B’s lessons did play off – even a block as old as this can be salvaged by simply following paths and creating new points of interest.


8 thoughts on “Peacock Block

  1. Oh, I remember this one! I think the printed fabrics are fine…they can always be over-embroidered(?) …meaning the flowers or other elements can be embroidered over to make them stand out as well…your seam treatments are wonderful here. Naturally i love the lilac(or wisteria) but of course NOT ONIONS… are above the peacock.
    I personally think this will be a beauty of a block and that you will not be thinking of it as a beginner block for too long!

  2. It’s coming along just wonderful ….. can’t wait to see the end results. Your blocks always look amazing and I love the patterned fabrics, think it really adds to it. Very lovely Catherine! loves and hugs me

  3. Catherine its coming on beautifully truly it is and your peacock is going to stand out as you have mostly pink based colours around him and your peacock is showing his beautiful plummage and is completely opposite to the surrounbding blocks- does this make sense- I love him and the block as well- I cannot wait to see this block completed!
    lovely peacock darling!!
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxxoxo

  4. Catherine, your peacock block is absolutely beautimous! How do you like my word combination? Katiejayinpa hit the nail on the head with what she said about over-embroidering some of the printed fabrics. I do that a lot because I use multiple chintzes in some of my cq blocks and I find that over-embroidering calms the chintzes and enhanches the cq I want to focus on. Can’t wait to see the finished block!

  5. I absolutely love the peacock and the wisteria, your embroidery is abolutely beautiful! I didn’t realise how much thought and pre-planning goes into one block, but the results are amazing, well done 🙂

  6. Gee, just when I was beginning to think that I was clever, along comes Catherine lol. Well done, three cheers, Hoorah. xox Nicole.

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