On Blogging…..

A few of the blogs I read have been posting about the occasional negative and demeaning things that visitors sometimes say in their comments regarding that blogs post. I find it sad that some feel that the relative anominity of blogging gives them the right to put others down and speak to people in a way that they would not do in person. Personally if I don’t agree with something some one has posted about – I move on.

I have been incredibly lucky to have only had one or two comments at the most from people who have disagreed with what I have been trying to say. That is their right, as it is my right to say what I want.

When you visit my blog I am essentially inviting you into my home. You are meeting my family, seeing how we live and what we do. While yes it is true that you don’t get to see the warts and all of my family (that would really scare you off…lol) but you will get a fairly good idea of what we are like. I’m not sure I started blogging with that in mind, but that is the way this blog has evolved and I’m happy to go with the flow and see where it leads me. It has to be said though, that while in my home I expect you to behave with decorum and politeness just as I and my family would behave in your home. Old Fashioned?? Well yes maybe it is in this fast paced world – but I think there is a genuine need for some old fashioned values. I always thought that they greatest compliment I could be given was to be regarded as a “Lady” in the truest sense of the word. By the way the dictonary meaning I have for “Lady” is… “gentlewoman, woman of good birth or breeding, mistress of a house”.

So I thought it timely to say a very big Thank You to all the wonderful people who visit my blog whether it be on a daily basis or just to pop in occassionally. I do appreciate your comments and support very much and while I may not always comment on blogs – rest assured I do keep up with you all – generally on a daily basis. After all I do need my blogging fix. As I use bloglines I’m not always sure that my visits do show on your stat counters if you have them. I appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to visit and read my ramblings.

If I really want to pat myself on the back I will say that I must be doing something right – in a little over twelve months I have had 18528 visits. That alone gives me confidence to continue.

Thank you once again.



5 thoughts on “On Blogging…..

  1. …and keep going the way you are Catherine!
    Your “regulars” enjoy dropping by for a “chat”.
    Just edit out the nasties,then maybe they’ll take the hint that the welcome mat is not for them

  2. sorry to hear you are having the odd rude commenter – don’t let them deter you though some people just get their kicks in strange ways

  3. I agree with everyone else. I enjoy dropping in to see your new cq blocks or whatever project you may be working on, chat about your family life, your new pet, your challenging neighbors…….whatever might be happening in your day.

    We must be surfing in different blog circles. I have not read anything about rude comments.

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