I feel like I’m on Holidays

It has been a really relaxing week if you don’t count how sick I have been. No where to go and only the things I feel like doing to do. No pressure at all which has been wonderful. Well no pressure unless you count the loads of washing I am doing every day. I’m sure it’s breeding in my laundry. At the rate I am going the new machine will be worn out before it’s time. Thank you all for your well wishes – I am on the mend, it is just going to take a while as this time the flu bug is particularly nasty.

I have completely stipped Elise’s bed and washed everything right down to the mattress. Do you remember when I washed her quilt some time ago and the colour from the binding ran? Well it did it again. I hate to think how many other things I have made with that particular lot of green homespun, but it looks like I might have quite a few mulitcoloured quilts…..sigh.

Milly is growing in leaps and bounds and when she is not sleeping spends her days leaping and bounding….grin. Her lessons are progressing well – she will come when called and we are now working on “sit” – which might take a while.

Of course when James lies on the floor to watch TV it is only natural that Milly will want to lie on top and chew his ears.
James and Milly

Just to give you an idea of how big Milly will get and how small Ajax really is……….. this was taken just yesterday. Yes they are playing not fighting so don’t panic.
Milly and Ajax - playing not fighting.
Milly has discovered that if she grabs hold of Ajax’s collar he can’t get her and she can hold him down on the ground. Needless to say Ajax is not impressed by this particular technique and there are sounds on complaint coming from him.

And just to show that my Milly is a dog of good taste………………….
A Dog of Good Taste
I had just finished mending this quilt and put it down so I could listen to James’s reader when Milly discovered it is just nice for snuggling into. Rest assured it didn’t stay with her for long and it’s now on the line after being washed as was the original intention.

I just have to boast that all this relaxing has lead to another ufo being finished………………..
Log Cabin - Another UFO Finished
I sewed the binding on yesterday and as I was finishing up Mum came down for something and offered to hand sew it down. As if I’m going to argue with an offer like that….vbg. Two hours later it arrived back again – completed. I did tell her that there was no hurry but she said it was quite relaxing and there was nothing else on her agenda to do. Last night I finally wound all the silk ribbon and threads I had dyed when the kids went back to school, onto cards so that is another job done. Today I think I will try to do some more on my peacock block so I have something else to show you.


4 thoughts on “I feel like I’m on Holidays

  1. Okay ms*calidore! all this whilst you’re sick…I am in awe.
    Young Milly is too cute for words and your quilt….oh, to die for!
    (aren’t Mums wonderful??)
    Glad you are having such a relaxing week, and I’m glad to hear that you are on the mend.
    Take care & hugs

  2. You do know that whilst you’re sick… you can *relax*! I am in awe of all you’re managing to do, I love the quilt, can I/we see a close-up (when you’re better)?

    Look after yourself 🙂

  3. It is a nasty bug going around this time…hope you are fully recovered soon.
    I can’t believe how much you have achieved this week – well done!

    The quilt looks marvellous, yay Mum for sewing the binding 🙂

  4. Calidore, that is just beautiful! I love, love that border of houses.

    How nice of Mum to sew on that border for you.

    I am glad you are feeling better. I can’t imagine how much you will accomplish when you are no longer sick!

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