It’s Still Raining…

Yes there is still rain drops falling even as I type. Every now and then the sun peeps out, but it is fighting a loosing battle with the rain clouds. Not that I mind – I’m getting used to the “chinese laundry” look in my lounge room in an effort to get all our clothes dry. It is nice to hear that others have benefitted as well from this rain.

Not lots happened over the weekend. Ashley played around with his race car – again. More adjustments. Not sure if they will ever end, but it kept him busy in the shed for most of Sunday.

Elise’s bags are packed ready for camp. Her jeans are finished, we found enough clothes for her to wear and even the sleeping bag and pillow fitted. Now just to get myself organised for an early start tomorrow to get her to the bus in time.

Nicola and James are both back at school. They are still coughing, but not as much as over the weekend. It is me who is really sick this time. Despite that I have scrubbed the house and made some lovely fresh salads for lunch.

I admitted to myself in the wee hours of this morning (while mopping up Milly’s wee) that maybe I had made a mistake in getting another puppy. I had forgotton the amount of work they entail – but one look at her face this morning, convinced me I did the right thing. I can see a market for puppy nappies though. There is nothing like seeing puddles on the tiles in the morning to wish there was some way to control it a bit more. Well yes I know she could sleep outside, but the other two dogs are inside and it is very cold and lets face it I am a softie….lol.

I did manage to clean about half of my sewing room yesterday (nothing like an hours nap to give you energy – even if it only lasts for a while). There is enough crazy quilting bits and peices in there to last me a life time so I am determined not to buy anymore until I make serious inroads into what I already have. Hah – famous lasts words.

Right off to have another cough lollie and rest for a bit. If you don’t hear from me, I’m still here, just resting and hopefully sewing or knitting as the urge takes me.


5 thoughts on “It’s Still Raining…

  1. You’re lucky to be getting the rain! In England it’s hot, too hot, we’re on the way to beating the July record of 35ΒΊC as the hottest yet recorded. I like the sun, but when it’s too hot to do anything in – it’s no fun! Essex, not that far from London, has had such a little amount of rain over the last year, it’s rainfall is comparable with Beirut!

    When winter comes, and it’s too cold and wet here (we’re lucky for rain, we’re in the far-north of England = wet winters) to hang washing out, it fits anywhere I can put it, from radiators to bannisters and clothes-horses everywhere! But it’s good for the environment πŸ™‚

    Take care of yourself, honey and lemon is really good for a sore throat/tickly cough – and unlike glycerine, won’t leave you with the urge to, um, ‘go’ πŸ˜‰

  2. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Hope you are better soon.

    Milly is so cute. She will keep you busy for the winter months, I am sure.

    Please send some rain to me.

  3. You reminded me of my good friends dog ‘LuLu’… she is my dog ‘Jacks’ girlfriend. Whenever LuLu goes on heat, we put a disposable nappy on her, to save… well, you know the rest lol. I have made little pants for LuLu to wear… you put a nappy on first, then the pants, as the nappy always falls off. It is so cute to see. xox Nicole.

  4. Thank you all for your get well wishes. I’m on the mend, it’s just going to take a while. I will try and send the rain on to those who need it – what we had was wonderful.

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