Rain and a Busy Week

It rained all of last night and for most of this morning. Lovely steady rain which has soaked in nicely and left puddles up the drive – which is always a good sign of a decent fall. It has been very cold the last couple of days and I haven’t felt like doing much at all. Well after being down the street everyday this week it’s no wonder. I’m beginning to wonder if I know what the indside of my house looks like. Ohh hang on I do know – messy!!!!!

Next week I am staying home no matter what. Both Nicola and James had Friday off school. Nicola in particular, was ill with a cough and tempreture. James just had the cough. Both of them however were kind enough to share their germs with me and I am not running hot and cold, have a very sore throat and feel like ****. You get the picture..lol.

Lots of late nights tiring Milly out enough to sleep hasn’t helped. I am sure she has grown an inch in the few days she has been here. Ajax now plays with her, Cleo ignores her and Jess the cat has decided that provided Milly doesn’t go near him, he won’t hiss at her any more. He is back in front of the fire where he belongs and claims..lol. Personally I think the cold weather drove him inside again, but he won’t admit it.

I have spent most of yesterday and will spend part of today altering jeans for Elise and hemming pants. Eight so far. We seem to have a collection of pants that all needed their hems done, and I had been putting them off. Well no more! The hems are done, I just need to put elastic in the waists of about 6 pairs of pants so they fit properly and I’m done. On Tuesday Elise leaves for the snow for four days – so I couldn’t delay the mending operation any longer. We went shopping this morning for some more long sleeved shirts (that actually fit her) and a few other bits and peices that she will need.

I’m sorry there was no frantic Friday recipe this week. I will search out a new one for next week, right after I have cleaned and tidied….vbg. There will be more photos of Milly too – just as soon as I work out how to get her to sit still long enough to take the photos. She loves the camera and as soon as I get it out, sidels up to me for a cuddle. If James lies on the floor (a common position while watching tv) she has to lie on top of him and chew his ears. He is, understandably, complaining just a bit – well when he isn’t giggling that is. Her training is going well though I am pleased to report. She will now come when called (well most of the time and expecially if I have food – funny about that) and is now learning how to return to me and then sit. I just hope all of this pays off or I will have an out of control dog.

I hope your weekend is a good one and you are enjoying some of this lovely rain.


3 thoughts on “Rain and a Busy Week

  1. Hello from central vic. yes our rain has not stopped since midnight last night and here it is 7.30 and still it is coming down.

    The garden will be loving this and the daffodil bulbs will be happy too.

    I have been reading your blog and it is very nice to visit you again.

    best wishes to you and your family

  2. Hello Ms, Nothing like a puppy lick in the ear to get you going lol. It is the simple things in like that are the most pleasurable. Puppies, puddles & pink stuff! Have a lovely week. xox

  3. Hehe… I am glad to hear that I am not the only gardener whose house gets a bit messier than usual when the flowers are blooming. 🙂

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