Guess What……

I’m typing this very quietly so the kids done hear ….hehehehehe- I’m getting my puppy tonight and we haven’t told them we are. Everytime they ask I just say I’m still thinking about it.
I have finally made the decision and I feel its the right one. I have talked to Cleo about it – yes I know some will think that’s strange, but she does understand and for a grand old lady of nearly 100 humans years, she seems quite excited. Time will tell if that lasts while the pup chews on her tail…lol.

I spent some time this afternoon selecting toys and feeding bowls and food (good grief I didn’t realise puppy food was so expensive) and tonight we will go out and pick her up. She is the last bitch in the litter so it was a case of get in quick.

I feel like I did when the children were all due – excited and nervous and all the rest of the emotions are tumbling around inside me. One minute I’m on a high, the next questioning will she like me, will I like her, I already love her – sight unseen. Yes I haven’t seen her, but I have seen Dad and he is a fine specimen. I would think twice about entering any yard that he is guarding. Ashley has seen both Mum and Dad and said they are both good looking dogs, very good guard dogs and very family orientated dogs. We have found our most loyal dogs – are the ones we have chosen sight unseen. I don’t know how it works, but it does so I’m not questioning it.

For those who are wondering what breed the puppy is I am getting – check out this site and there is some more information and good pictures here.

Photos as soon as I can. Trust me you will be sick of hearing about and looking at her before too long……giggle.

PS Thanks for all the comments on the washing machine and the neighbours. When this little pup is full grown they will think twice about hasselling me over a stupid ball or coming into our yard. She won’t bite them, but (if my training works right) she will growl on command and that should be enough to deter the most persistant pain in the neck. The washing machine is fantastic by the way – I will try out your suggestions Alice – already I am planning when I do a load and you’re right, it is so quiet you don’t hear anything. I keep running to to see if it is finished…lol. Nicole – they don’t have any animals – it was a dog on a job site that attacked Ajax – who is fine now thank goodness.


4 thoughts on “Guess What……

  1. I’m sure it won’t be long before new pup has her own patchwork quilt and embroideries hanging on the wall of her kennel (whoops, home, I mean)…lol

  2. I can’t wait to see a pic of the new addition to the family.

    I was sorry to hear about your neighbor problems. It must be miserable to have to put up with people like that.

    What is the new pup’s name?

  3. All our older dogs have come to thoroughly enjoy (and train) young pups when they come into the home. I never realized how much they desire the company of their own kind.

    Geez, I was thinking about getting a front loader.. but 2 hours!! Not going to happen.

  4. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in their home to find out what their problem is…. of well, karma will get them. I have just seen the picture of your newest family member and I wanna cuddle lol… oh, how cute! xox

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