It’s Time For……….

a new Washing Machine. Yes my old machine died last night – well actually it was more like a very sad and slow leaking of its usefullness.

I had a top loader Fisher and Paykell 7 kg washing machine. We bought it not long after I had Nicola as the washing was fast defeating me – all those cloth nappies (yep no disposables in this house – well not until well after James was born anyway). It had been playing up a bit lately. Washing, but not as efficently as normal and making some strange sounds. Ashley had a fiddle – as you do when your male and a electrician – but it was pronounced officially retired at 1 am this morning. That’s when I woke up to discover that he wasn’t in bed, instead he was watching tv waiting for the last load to finish – it only took slightly over two and a half hours!!! A sign if ever there was one.

So this morning (after a brief search on the net on the pros and cons of top load verses front load washers) I parted with quite a lot of money and now have a Whirlpool 7.5 kg front load washer – which has been christened by doing three loads just today…lol. It only uses 60 litres of water per load – compared to 160 per load for the old washer. The only draw back is it takes two hours for a load of washing – yes I know – two hours!!! But I am reliably informed by the man who sold it to me (and whom Ashley knows very well and who owns this brand and model himself….draw breath here) that there is less wear and tear on your clothes, they are cleaner and if you leave a tissue in the wash – you don’t end up with “snow” at the end of the cycle. Not to mention the energy savings that these models have. Well in the end all of that is irrelevant – so long as the clothes are clean and I really don’t care much about the rest of it.

When you think about it – the old machine lasted 10 years, I would have done on average 2 loads a day (many days much more than that) – and that is a conservative figure – I and my trusty washing machine have done over 7300 loads of washing. Which in the end is a really scary figure and there is just no way I am going to work out how many actually peices of clothing or linen or underwear I have hung on the line, or ironed or folded and put away. And what is probably scarier is the thought of just how many more loads I will have to do before I say enough is enough and go to my Heavenly reward. Surely there are no clothes lines or washing machines in Heaven – are there???

On the neighbour front – they have kept a fairly low profile – thank goodness. When coming home the other night – here was the entire carload of them shaking their fists at me and mouthing things that I’m glad I wasn’t able to hear. As I said – these people are weird.

I have finally admitted to Mum and Ashley just how unsafe I feel in our house and on our property. The problem is – I’m here most of the time by myself now. Ashley pops in and out with work and Mum is the same. The kids are gone all day. I have been pondering as to whether I should get a big dog, and I do mean BIG! as protection as much as anything. Cleo is still going strong – but as a guard dog or in a situation where she had to protect me – then she is useless. Well she is 14 1/2 year old corgi/foxy cross. The most she could probably go for is the ankles. Poor Cleo was never intended as a guard dog – just as a loyal companion and she certainly is that. However she is going deaf and I think losing her sight a little and I would be frightened that she might be hurt.

Now I’m not saying I want a dog who would bite someone – that is the worst thing I could think of. What I want is a dog that looks fierce and that might growl a bit, while standing fimly by my side, when I am in a difficult situation. One who would – well “guard” – our property. As it happens Ashley was talking to a friend and was offered a choice of blue and red heeler cross puppies today. He knows this man well and his dogs for that matter. They are very well natured, excelllent with children, but also very protective of their area and their family. We have to return a log splitter we borrowed tomorrow, so I am going to check out the pups then. Still haven’t made up my mind, but we will see.

Part of the indecision – is guilt that I am subconsciously replacing Cleo before she has gone. I just don’t want her to feel like there is no place for her – not that she probably would. When we bought the kids home from hospital – she just extended her love to include them, as with Ajax. Ahh well I shall sleep on it and make a decision in the cold light of day.

I shall let you know what the outcome is. Thank you all for your comments and emails of support. It is very much appreciated.


6 thoughts on “It’s Time For……….

  1. I’m sure that Cleo would understand if you explain it to her 🙂 It’s awful that you can’t feel safe in your own home, and you should do what you need to make that happen.

    Congratulations on your new washing machine LOL I have a front loader and I love it – it IS much gentler on clothes and I think they get cleaner 🙂

    And thank you all for the card – I loved it! Hope you are enjoying what is left of your weekend…

  2. First up Monday mornign young lady,you and Ashley get yourselves to local police sation and take out an AVO against the “neighboursfromhell”!

    Congrats on the front loader!We’re on tank water and the difference in water consumption is fantastic! Only drawback is there’s not so much grey water for my plants any more,so they’re really drought stricken now,poor things.

  3. it’s funny how a piece of household equipment can get us so excited – I am like that when I get a new vacuum cleaner.
    thanks so much for taking the time to visit my new blog & comment xoxo

  4. oh & I just hope that there are no irons or ironing in Heaven – knowing my luck, I would get the job of ironing God’s robes.

  5. So glad you forked out the little extra and bought a front loader. I would NEVER go back to a top-loader. Mine is a Whirlpool too and has a Rapid cycle (36 minutes but only good for half loads). A lot of our clothes I wash on the Delicate cycle because it only takes 40 minutes and everything is perfectly clean. If you want to do a 2-hour wash, try putting it on at night time, before you go to bed. The machine is so quiet that it won’t keep anyone awake.

  6. I love getting new appliances and reading up on the hints and tips and how to’s…. Congratulations on getting your new washing machine. I dearly hope it saves you time and money. I have a top loader and love it. It has never failed me and always does what I ask of it.
    I am saddened to hear about those silly people across the road from you…. did this stem from their dog attacking yours? Some people cannot sleep at night unless they are making trouble for someone else. I hope things get better for you…. and perhaps getting another dog will make things quieten down for you. Have a lovely week Catherine. xox

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