A Laid back Weekend

It has been one of those weekends, when apart from a flurry of sporadic activity, we have pretty much been relaxing.

Saturday morning was spent removing a shade structure (for want of a better name) from a friends house. It is all steel and quite large and will eventually, when we get motivated enough, be placed in the garden looking over where the pond/creek/channel was going to be. I say” going to be” as my idea of running water has been downgraded to just another garden bed, by He Who Weilds The Shovel Best. As I am incapable of digging or even working out the mechanics of the gradients etc I will bow to his superior knowledge. Now I will just hope that Ashley doesn’t read this post or I will never hear the end of his knowledge, superior or otherwise…..giggle.

The weather is cool and windy and we have had showers of rain, some quite heavy, so it is the general consensus of the family to stay indoors in front of the fire. Saturday night we went out for tea at the RSL for Mum’s birthday. It was a lovely meal, made better by the fact I didn’t have to cook or clean up afterwards. We all then returned to our house for the Mud Cake. It is nice – very nice in fact. Incredibly rich (so Alice now you have gained 4 kgs just reading the recipe, imagine how many I have gained by eating the cake…lol). The cake is a very dense one and defiantely best served at room tempreture. I had stored it in the fridge as I was worried the chocolate ganache would melt, but it is now residing in a cake tin on the bench and it seems fine. If anything it tastes better than yesterday – is such a thing possible?

Mum says to say thank you for all the best wishes she received for her birthday. I think she was secretly quite pleased that so many were thinking of her, once she got over the horror that I had posted her photos on my blog.

Today we had an Annual General Meeting, which was fortunately only short, so we were home in plenty of time for lunch and the rest of the afternoon has been spent quietly. I have been pondering on the crazy quilting blocks I have to make for a Get Together I am attending next Easter and some ideas are starting to come to the fore. Next week will be soon enough to make a start on selecting and sewing peices of fabric though – I want to give the house a thorough clean tomorrow. The children all start school again tomorrow (doing a happy dance when they aren’t looking) and it will be peaceful and relaxing to be by myself again. I can’t believe that it was just a few short months ago that I was dreading the days on my own. How life has changed.

I hope your weekend has been the way you wanted it to be.

One thought on “A Laid back Weekend

  1. I am stunned. I already have a map of Swan Hill with ‘Lake Calidore’ marked on it, and now you tell me that it’s not going to be? Oh, what a comedown. Not sure that another garden bed will be enough to console me … lol

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