Cushion – Finally Finished

I have finally finished all the embroidery and embellishing on Mum’s Croquet cushion and would you believe it is even made up into the cushion and now residing safely hidden at the top ofmy wardrobe all ready for Christmas. (draw a deep This project was not going to languish in the UFO Pile.

Croquet Cushion  4

Croquet Cushion  5

Croquet Cushion  - The letter J

And finally the finished article….
Finished Cushion

There was good incentive to get the cushion made up last night. Mum’s tournament has finished and this morning she has been back and forth between our two houses checking up on what we are all doing and telling us all the latest news from the croquet greens.


10 thoughts on “Cushion – Finally Finished

  1. bee- utiful! it makes me want to try this crazy patchworking thing…I have a very interesting post coming up soon about this kind of craft ! hope all is well in your world today xoxo

  2. Hello Catherine, all this being quiet has really paid off. The cushion looks lovely, your SRE is beautiful. Lucky Mum.
    Hope you are feeling better.

  3. Dare I say I like the “J”!
    Catherine,the cushion looks great.I wish I had a daughter to do such lovely things for me~

  4. This is just wonderful – I like the overall balance, but my favourite piece is the blue (with pink) spray at bottom left of the print.

    I reckon you would be quite justified in being really proud of this one (and the print, too)

  5. Like Chloe, I really love the blue and pink spray of flowers. Your embroidery is just beautiful and gives everything your own unique stamp of beauty.

  6. Oh WOW, how stunning – a real family heirloom! As Robyn says, it kinda makes me itch to do something in crazy patchwork!

  7. Wow Catherine .. just gorgeous …. your Mum is going to be so thrilled to bits….. the whole overall effect and stitches is stunning ……

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