Ashley says to say Thank You for all the birthday wishes sent his way. I think he was quite pleased that so many were thinking of him on his special day.

In all as birthdays go, it wasn’t a bad one. He received heaps of chocolate (which Ashley has carefully hidden so no one else can eat it on him – as if we would…lol), socks and hankies and a tuxedo for Ajax that Mum knitted.

The day very nearly ended in disaster though. Ashley was working at a house on one of the newer estates. He had Ajax tied up to the ute so he didn’t wander and was going in and out of the house himself doing his job. Ashley came out and there was a dog from over the road sniffing at Ajax. Ashley went back inside, came out again and the dog in a split second decided to try and take a chunk out of Ajax while Ashley was there.

Ashley yelled, his Dad was there too thank goodness and he kicked at the dog to get it off ours. Ashley grabbed Ajax and I think quite literally threw him in the ute. Extremely upset and angry, Ashley walked over the road to the house where this dog came from and pounded on their door. When the lady answered she was told, and I quote, “Your f****ing dog just attacked mine.” Ashley then returned to the ute to check Ajax.

To give this woman credit, she locked her dog in her garage then came over to apologise profusely and to say that if Ajax needed vetrinary care, to send the bills directly to her and she would pay them.

As it happens apart from three puncture wounds, Ajax is fine. We haven’t taken him to the vet as the wounds are clean and not all that big. He is being throughly spoilt (more than usual) and apart from some stiffness is his usual happy self. He is staying home today though. One of the bites is where his collar goes at the back of his neck, one on his cheek and one at the side of his neck. I honestly think if Ashley hadn’t been there and Ajax had not had his Dry as a Bone coat on, which is fairly thick and water proof, the outcome may have been far worse.

I think what shook us most of all is that in all the years Ashley has been taking his dogs to work – first Bill and now Ajax, this is the first time we have had one attacked. Both dogs were and are very well socialised and most people where Ashley works will warn him if their dog is likely to be a bit funny about another dog being in their yard. In that case, then our dog is left in the ute for saftey. Ajax actually has some houses where he has doggie friends who he visits when Ashley works there and they play together the whole time.

What scares me too, is that Ashley said this woman who owned the dog, had a small baby on her hip when she opened the door. Now I’m sorry, but I can’t help wondering that if this dog will attack another, what are the chances it will see this child as a threat? I might add, while there is always a risk of a dog attacking a child, we have never, ever had a problem with our dogs and the children.

3 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. Oh, you gave me quite a shock there for a minute… I thought that Ajax was seriously hurt… but thankfully only minor flesh wounds.. Phew! That was a close one. xox Glad all is safe.

  2. I saw you comment on a blog…. I know you’re in there…. if you don’t come out soon…. I am coming in to get you lol…xox.

  3. That happened to our dog once. Keep an eye on those “clean puncture wounds” as that is all that our Winnie got too but air got in between the dog’s two layers of outer skin and developed into an abscess that went from one side of his back to the other….in the end, BIG vet’s bill and I was commended for spotting it early. Don’t know how big the bill would have been if I’d left it!! Keep you eyes on Ajax and the puncture wounds for a few days yet. Give him a big hug for me. Thanks, Viv.

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