I’m sick of being sick

Elise and I have both managed to catch the bug that Nicola had on the weekend. Fortunately we are not rejecting the contents of our stomachs, but both have headaches, tempretures, aches and pains and stomachs that are tied in knots.

I must admit to feeling just a little pleased that someone else is feeling what I am feeling for a change and am at least getting some sympathy back as I dish it out to Elise. Does that make me strange or not I wonder.

Anyway – being a Mum – of course I would not admit to not being able to do all I want. So today I have made a cheesecake for Ashley’s birthday which is tomorrow. Hung out three loads of washing, made bread (in the breadmaker) then promptly crawled back into bed and have spent the rest of the day there reading. Only surfacing long enough to grab a cuppa and to get Ashley, Elise and I some lunch.

The plan was that tonight I would take Nicola down the street to buy her present for Dad however there is no way I could drive, so my Mum, once again, has stepped to the fore and gone birthday present shopping with Nicola. It must be a hard decision cause I would have thought they would be home by now.

Elise’s eye appointment went well yesterday, but she has to have the same test again in 4 weeks time so they can compare them and see if there is anything wrong. Personally I don’t think anything is going to show up, but we will go through the motions just in case there is something there. We had a delightful day shopping, enjoyed a coffee down the street and managed to wander and look at just about everything Swan Hill has on offer in the way of presents for hard to buy for fathers. It was also a day to stock up on socks and underwear for the children and to do a little birthday shopping for Nicola and James while I had time.

Nicola is home I’m off to see if she needs help wrapping the present.

I hope your day has been better than mine.


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