House Print – Finished

It is truly amazing just how much I am acheiving today considering I was up half the night with Nicola who was ill. Her stomach decided to reject it’s contents, not once, but six times. I changed the entire bed twice and putting on loads of washing at 2.3o in the morning is not a pleasant past time. Nicola is feeling much better today thank goodness and eating nearly normally.

(Back in a moment – Nicola is working on her Crazy quilting block and Mum’s help is needed – instructions on Lazy Daisy stitch is needed).

Back again –

Just half an hours work was all that was needed and my house print was finished. Not doubt there is probably more I can do on it, but I am pleased with the final outcome.
House print  Finished
I really like the roses climbing over the door way. It just seemed to finish the whole print off nicely. Must admit though I don’t think it is a terribly “water wise” garden as we are encouraged to grow these days, instead it is a very traditional cottage garden.

For those who missed the earlier posts – I used stranded threads, some dyed 4 ply wool and some fine crochet cotton. There are lots and lots of colonial knots, lasy daisy stitch, bullion stitch, fly stitch and feather stitch. Would you beleive I had to look up in my stitch dictionary the name of the last one. It is the one stitch I use more than anything else and I never remember the name of it.

I have anothe print I want to do, but haven’t printed it onto fabric as yet. Might wait awhile and get on with some other projects before I start something new.


9 thoughts on “House Print – Finished

  1. My oh My, i too like the doorway treatment, i thinnk it really really pulls the house into it, instead of merely being the background to the garden. This is so lovely…i keep using that word to describe your work..but it is…quiet and lovely, and very feminine.


  2. Catherine
    I have watched your block come to life and it sure has come to life under your expert fingers- well and truly its beautiful and I adore the roses going over the doorway – just perfect – lets face it – its what would be growing over a home like this one – that and Ivy ggggg so you have made one of the most beautifullest home and garden blocksI have ever seen!! –
    LOVE IT!!

  3. I’m sorry, but where do you go to find those extra hours you seem to have up your sleeve??????? I’ve looked everywhere, but I can’t seem toget more than 24 in one day… giggle. Your art is glorious and I am terribly enviable. Much love xox

  4. Congratulations, Catherine. That really is a magnificent effort – it looks beautiful. Will you frame it and hang it on the wall?

  5. Thanks for the well-wishes, I’m feeling much better now. I am in awe of your block and your embroidery skills – do you have any tips? My French knots don’t turn out anything near as pretty as yours – and don’t get me started about my satin stitch! I think I’ll stick to knitting!

    Glad to hear your little one is feeling better, have a good (and not too exhausting) week!

  6. Thank you all for your kind words. The print will be framed (I already have the frame) and hung – somewhere…lol. Just not sure where yet. Even bought some picture hanging hooks the other day so I am totally oganised – for once. As for the extra hours Nicole – didn’t you see the light still burning in the lounge room at mightnight?…lol Ahhhh for another 24 hours in each day – well I can dream.

  7. Catherine, this is just stunning in every single way – I love it to bits and more bits! lol I shall have to pull my finger out and finish mine …. hehehe *one day* soon????? I can’t wait to see the frame you choose. I’m sooooo looking forwards to meeting you. I shall buy a calender and mark off the sleeps! ha

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