Butterfly Problem Fixed

Now before I begin, any spelling mistakes you see in this post are entirely the cat’s fault. He is drapped across my knee, in a postion that is not the best for accurate typeing. He is trying to tell me he is lonely and deprived – as if I would beleive that. Elise has her door shut as she is trying to finish an Indonesian assigment and Jess has decided I’m preferable to Nicola and James.

Thanks to Bear’s suggestion of a “dotted” line marking the butterflies position I have managed to fix the butterfly into a flight pattern that I am comfortable with…hhehehe. Whether the butterfly is comfortable or not remains to be seen. It definately does look better than it did before anyway. I may end up extending this broken line further up into the block to draw the eye to other embellishments but as always will wait and see what the block tells me to do.
Croquet Cushion  - Butterfly fixed
To the right of the butterfly you can also see the ribbon and heart that I satin stitched last night. I’m not sure I picked the right colours, even though I like the design, but it will stay as it is for now. Who knows if I might add more to it later.

For those who are wondering Mum still hasn’t seen this yet and I am hopeful that I will be able to keep it as a surprise right up until Christmas. I must admit though I have to keep having another project close by for when she walks in so I can quickly swap…lol. Isn’t it a good thing I’m used to haveing more than one project on the go at once? The silk ribbon I dyed myself is, miracle upon miracle, just the right colours and shades so far. Which really surprises me as I am hopeless at mixing colours.

For those who want an overview of the entire block there is one here and for the unadornded block look here. This link will also give details on the size of the overall block.

Thank you all for your lovely comments regarding this project too. It is quite surprising the interest it has created.

Hugs from me and Jess who is keeping my knees nicely warmed.


2 thoughts on “Butterfly Problem Fixed

  1. OH Catherine
    Ik know I suggested it- BUT U stitched and its perfect – I loves it and thank you for using my idea ggggggggg it kinda anchors tyhe butterfly to the position doesnt it???
    Oh dear obne I love all that you have done to the blockl since last I saw it- love the colours and cant imagine why you would think you would need to putll anything undone kiddo – leave it be!!- and then when you have some time to spare- dont look at it for a couple of days and then look at it again- who knows thats when you will have fresh eyes looking at it and it may look totally different – and right as it seems to me – its lovely Catherine and patts on the head for the puddy cat as well
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxxoxo

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