Do I have Plans for the Weekend????

No!!!! Nothing planned in the slightest apart from some stitching and maybe some reading.

It was one of those weeks where all I wanted to be was at home, but instead I was down the street, often twice a day. Must admit though Elise and I did get some bargains clothing wise for both of us on Friday afternoon. Several tops at a very cheap price and a couple of sets of trackpants and windcheaters for me. Nothing like an addition to the wardrobe to make you feel dressed…lol.

Today it is COLD – yes cold. Incredibly so. The wind, although light, feels like it is straight of the artic and it is raining. Yes don’t rub your eyes – you did see that word “rain”. Not a tremendously heavy rain (Ashley is hoping it doesn’t get any heavier as he is racing all weekend) but enough to wet the garden and freshen everything up. So there was no helping the fact that I had to sit in side in front of the fire and sew. Dreadful isn’t it?

I ironed all the silk ribbons I had dyed the other day and spent the morning widing them onto card so now at least I can see what I have got. Which is a very small collection of dyed ribbons. Must do something about that…hehehehe. This afternoon I have stitched.

This flower cluster just worked – which is always a really nice way to have it.
Croquet Cushion  - Flower Cluster
Both the ribbon and the green for the leaves are hand dyed. The “thread” is varigated crochet cotton which I over dyed in green – olive (or a variation of if memory serves me right).

Croquet Cushion - Butterfly
The Butterfly I think I should have straightened up on the block a little more. I didn’t realise just how crooked it looked, until I was half way through sewing it. Still I think it is ok. I used 2 strands of DMC type threads using buttonhole stitch on the other edges of the wings and satin stitch to fill in the middle. I must admit I used to loathe satin stitch. It seemed to take forever and I could never get it to sit right, but now I love it. The texture it gives is amazing. I’m not sure why I changed my mind, but I’m not arguing.


5 thoughts on “Do I have Plans for the Weekend????

  1. dearest Catherine
    I adore your croquet block its really coming along so beautifully truly!!
    If you are worried by your butterfly (- being off centre-) wot about a line of crooked running stitches to indicate the butterflies path from where she has been to where she is now- silly idea??- Anyway I think your butterfly is gorjas and you have succeeded to make her look so enchanting!!
    I cannot wait to see more- and with a raining weekend in by the fire that should not take long to see some more being completed should it??
    lovely lovely block
    luns n hugs bear oxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  2. Bear you’re a genius. Why didn’t I think of that – a line of running stitches for the butterfly – will work perfectly. Off to try it out. Sending Thanks and Big Hugs your way.

  3. I think I need to come sit by you and see how you get your SRE to set so nicely…and how do you get your chain stitches so even? Mine always gets longer or shorter as I work. I love the butterfly too and look forward to seeing the butterfly trail.

  4. My, your right Catherine, the SRE flowers do work. They are great, and the butterfly is lovely. I envy those who spend time embroidering an entire motif like this, good on you.

    Was that last lot of ribbon you did the first time you have done it(dying). I am resisting this urge, but I know that there are certain colours that I use all the time , that I’m sure I could dye them myself for much cheaper.

    ps can we get an piccie of the whole block to put it into perspective.


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