I can see………..

There is nothing like an Optomitrist telling you your eyes are ageing to make you feel old…lol.

I had my eye appointment today and just as I suspected, my reading glasses ( I only need them), were no longer doing the job. So tonight I am sitting in front of the computer screen, with brand new lenses in my old frames actually seeing the computer screen clearly for what seems the first time in months. Actually, it is probably months, as it is two years since I had my eyes tested. There is only one draw back with these lens, anything that is a distance away from me is just a blur – but I may be able to turn that to my advantage. If I ignore the kids while wearing my glasses I can just say I didn’t see them. Now to work out how not to hear them… (ohh did I say that…lol.)

No stitching on the croquet cushion today. I was up at 1/4 to 6 this morning to get Nicola to the bus on time (by 6.30 am) for her school excursion to Shepparton (about 3 hours from here) I was terrified I would over sleep and we would be doing the last minute dash. Not a problem though, we made it there in plenty of time – the fog was certainly thick at that time of the morning. Washing was started while everyone else slept, I read the paper and did the ironing. So organised – can it possibly be me doing all that I wonder? Into James’s classroom to help again this morning. I think we were all tired – teacher, students and parent helpers as it seemed a real struggle to get through the morning. Some of the kids have the worst colds – I dread to think how many germs are lurking in that classroom.

This afternoon, when the dishes were finally done (and I didn’t drop and break any glasses or cups today) I spent a couple of hours dyeing silk ribbon in all different widths for the cushion and for other “in the future” projects. I had a thought today, that this cushion might need to be finished in time for Mum’s birthday at the end of the month. I can’t think of anything else for her, but will have a look tomorrow while she is in the Doctors. Daft woman says she would be right to drive home after some minor surgery to remove a skin cancer. Sent shudders down my spine at that. So I shall look around while I wait for her.

Apart from that all is quiet. Nicola came home very excited from her excursion – apparently it was a great success. Elise had mountains of homework as usual. I just wish the teachers would teach them, instead of leaving it up to the parents. James….well James is James, perfectly happy puddling around doing what he wants….which generally means making a mess in his room.

I hope your day was a good one.


2 thoughts on “I can see………..

  1. I wear glasses for close work and when on the computer – I tell myself I look very ‘learn – ed ‘ with them on. but at least I am not squinting now

  2. Your classroom “germs” are a mirror image of my Bell’s clasroom. I think all of us helpers got sneezed on at least once whilst doing the readers.
    Wish your Mum well that the surgery goes well. It’s always better to get ontop of those nasty skin cancers before they get away from you. Much love xox

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