I Bought a Rose Today

I had the ususal “I’m not going anywhere this morning” conversation with myself and as usual didn’t listen did I? Of course not, by 9 am here I was wandering around the supermarket picking up all those little bits and peices that the family has decided that they needed – right now!

In the end though I was quite pleased that I did do a wander because on the way out I noticed a pile, and yes it was a pile, of barerooted roses. I nearly didn’t stop as generally there isn’t much there that interests me. Then this label caught my eye and I just couldn’t resist it so into the grocery basket it went.

Beautiful, stunning Graham Thomas, one of David Austins successes.

If the rose and what I have read about it, lives up to my expectations it will be a very welcome addition to my garden. I confess I haven’t actually bought any roses for a couple of years. I have taken heaps of cuttings – many successfully grew, I won’t mention those that didn’t, but I haven’t actually shelled out any cash for a rose for a while. So I felt very decadent for a while. Why that is I don’t know.

What is it about paying cold hard cash for a plant that sometimes makes it seem more valuable than one you have grown yourself or a cutting or plant given by a friend? Is it the fact that you have paid good money for it and it therefore has a “worth”? I don’t know and to be totally honest I prefer the cutting grown or gifts from friends. They have far more meaning in the long run.

Somewhere I read that a garden shouldn’t be defined by the plant tags still attached to a plant or the price that you paid for the plant. It should be defined by the amount of love and care and joy that each individual plant and the garden as a whole gives.

Food for thought.


One thought on “I Bought a Rose Today

  1. What a lovely rose. I don’t know much about roses, but I have a green thumb when it comes to them. They always thrive, so must be doing something right. Plus, they are one of my favorite flowers of course. I look forwards to seeing your first blooms with this new addition to your garden!

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