Croquet Cushion – progress

I have finally taken photos of the croquet cushion to show you all what I have been doing. The seams are coming along really well and I am using the Dream a Seam templates heaps. They are a wonderful help when the brain just doesn’t know what to do next….which seems to happen often lately…lol.

Croquet Cushion - seam embellishments

Croquet Cushion -  more seam embellishments

Croquet Cushion -  close up of seam embellishments

Croquet Cushion -  still more seam embellishments

I am ready to start on more detailed work such as motifs and embroidered bunches of flowers, butterflies and the like. And just to make my day, my parcel of silk ribbons and threads arrived so a dyeing day is on the to do list. It was supposed to happen today, but after knocking a mug and a glass vase off the kitchen bench while doing the dishes I reluctantly shelved the idea of playing with dyes. Visions of multicoloured tiles were dancing through my head…vbg.


5 thoughts on “Croquet Cushion – progress

  1. Oh Catherine… Your talents are certainly inspiring. You are doing an absolutely marvelous job. I too cannot wait to see it finished. xxx

  2. Really lovely Catherine, your Mum is going to be in raptures over this piece. Love all you have done and can’t wait for the next installment …… sorry I haven’t been into visit, I haven’t been anywhere, not even my own blog. Nothing will load with a slow 14K dial up! Hugglies

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