Pin Frame

I had quite a few enquiries regarding the pin frame I was using for the house and garden print I have been embroidering. Yesterday I made another one for myself and thought I should post some more photos for those who are curious but not sure if they can make one themselves. the link to the original pin frame at CQMagonline is here.

I made this in less than an hour – that is cut the wood (remember I’m not good with power tools so Ashley supervised…lol), cut out the centre hole, wrapped the lot in batting then in bias binding. So easy. My hands were aching a bit towards the end as you do need to keep the tension on the bias binding I found to make it go on smoothly – although that could just be me….vbg.

Pin Frame being wrapped in batting
This frame is cut from 3 ply wood – just a peice I found lying around Ashley’s shed. The batting I cut into strips around 1 1/2 inches wide. The size of the strips really don’t matter that much, use whatever is easiest for you to wrap.

Pin Frame wrapped in bias binding
The batting is on and the bias binding is started.

Completed Pin Frame
Pin Frame finished. No the different coloured Bias Binding is not for illustration purposes…lol. I was using whatever fell out of the cupboard and needed using up.

This frame is 8 x 8 inches square. I don’t think I would go any larger as my hands wouldn’t reach. If you are going to make one of these I suggest using a lighter wood so it isn’t too heavy when you are holding it.


4 thoughts on “Pin Frame

  1. This looks so simple, but I’d dare not use power tools, I injure myself with them. Just ask DH. LOL I shall endevour to do some sucking up, so DH will make me one. Well done! It’s great!

  2. I’ve scrolled back and I don’t see where you mentioned what you do with this. It’s not the final frame, is it?

  3. Debra, if you go to May 16’s post – “Decisions, decisions” you will see the pin frame being used. I pin my embroidery to it while I am working on it. I can’t use a hoop and hate the way hoops distort my fabric and leave marks. This doesn’t. I can leave work pinned to it for days and with just a very light iron, and I do mean light, remove all marks from the pins. Hope this helps.

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