House and Garden Print

More progress on my house and garden print. I think I am a good two thirds of the way through now. It has taken far more work than I first thought but I am enjoying it.

House print 3

The secret is put it down every now and then and walk away. Come back to it later, even several hours or days, to get your perspective back again. Working up close it is easy to focus on just one bit and loose sight of the rest. Sort of like life really when you think about it.


9 thoughts on “House and Garden Print

  1. This is just so gorgeous and wonderful Catherine – I so love it SO much. I love all the pretty stitches you have used and the tiny leaves, and colours. Very realistic. Keen to see end results. hugglies… better start moving my butt and working on MINE. LOL

  2. I could look at this beautiful piece of work for hours; I love it so much and can hardly wait to see the end result.

    How big is the picture, Catherine? You may have mentioned it in an earlier post but I’ve forgotten.

    Your work is so lovely and you should be very proud of your talent.

  3. Just gorgous! Or to put it like Bear, just gorjasssssssss!!!. The garden just looks real and so 3d, i see butterflies and birds in it.

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