From Cobwebs to Frost. Another fantastic photo opportunity – which was also very cold on bare feet. Honestly you would think by now I would learn to pull a pair of shoes on before I rush outside with the camera.


More frost

Looking towards Woodhenge
This is where I was mainly working on Saturday. Note the newly mulched path and weed free beds…lol. The rose on Woodhenge is Climbing Wedding Day – it must like this position as it is romping its way up and along the wires.

Pelargonium - dusted with frost

PS Por all those who asked – I still can’t find the money tree despite doing just a tad more gardening Sunday morning. When I do find it and if it is big enough, I will take cuttings….lol. More rose cuttings were taken – Falmingo – lovely shell pink with tightly furled buds which open to a beautifully formed rose which is excellent for cutting and some purple Wystringia. Some irises moved (about half a clump – well it is a big clump) and some seeds planted. By then the weather was cooling off rapidly and I went indoors to sew.


One thought on “Frost

  1. That’s a decent frost, Calidore. We haven’t had one as heavy as that yet, or maybe we have but we don’t have enough grass for it to be as visible.

    Nothing like a pair of Ugg boots to keep the toes warm on a cold, frosty morning. I haven’t owned a pair of slippers for years, just my boots. Lovely… and even fashionable now!

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