Croquet Cushion

Remember a little while ago (acutally I think it was just a few posts ago) I said Mum played croquet and having found some croquet photos on the net I decided to make her a cushion for Christmas?

Well on Sunday I peiced it together. If you think putting one photo or print on a peice of crazy quilting is difficult, then try using four of them. Trouble was I couldn’t decide which one I liked most, so I used them all. I have to say it lead to some very interesting peicing decisions and some lateral thinking when it came to joining fabrics together…lol.

Mum's  Croquet Theme Cushion
The colours are quite mixed but are the colours of Mum’s curtains in her bedroom and hopefully will “go” quite nicely. Not sure when I will begin this block, but as it is quite large – 14 x 14 inches it had better be sooner than later. Can’t wait to try my Dream a Seam Templates on here as there is plenty of room to play with quite large seam treatments.


12 thoughts on “Croquet Cushion

  1. I think the placement you finally chose for the piecing is quite intersting and good. I am sure it is going to be a phenomenal looking cushion. It will be fun seeing how you do it up.

  2. This is going to very intersting. So far, your (photo) balancing act is fantastic – not easy with four photos. I shall follow the progress of your Mum’s cushion with interest!!

  3. If your Mum doesnt want it-(yeah right bear) well theres a wee bear in SA who would adore it- its so very beautiful!!
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxox

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