Gardening today…..

…..sore muscels tomorrow…lol. Honestly I have been gardening all day and I’m so sore. Three glasses of wine (after which I can normally feel nothing) and I still ache. I would have a fourth, but would probably fall asleep over the keyboard. (blushing)

I had Manly Garden Help today in the form of Ashley. Ohh and some kid sized garden help..vbg. Ashley was told last night, he needs 12 hours notice, that he had to help today. There were roses that needed pruning and to get at them involved a step ladder. I’m not good a heights – just changing a light globe is scary for me, so to step onto a ladder, long clippers in hand a prune a climbing rose with wicked thorns is just not going to happen. The children were suprised with the – “you are going to help us in the garden today” speech this morning, directly after breakfast. Saves arguments that way…vbg.

So shock, horror we were out there by 8.30 am this morning and well into it by morning tea time. Barrow loads – literally – down to the pile to be burnt when they are finally dry. Anyone for a bonfire? Ajax escaped again, but we found the hole he had pushed under the fencing wire (despite Mum’s and my best efforts to dog proof the yard) and that is now fixed and hopefully escape dog proof. Fortunately he came back when called – obviously hadn’t found anyone intersting to sniff or play with.

We have worked out where the next tray (yes we buy our gum trees in trays of 50) are to go and there is a possibility that I may need to purchase two trays at the next Murrabit market – will have to have a recount and see though. There is also a sizable list for large bushy shrubs being constructed and I wouldn’t mind some more roses – despite having to dig out some thorns from my thumbs this afternoon. Now just to find the money tree I was sure I planted somewhere.

The path heading towards the middle pegola is now weed free and mulched heavily, butterfly bushes dug out and discarded (why do they grow where I don’t want them and not where I do want them) and roses serverly pruned. More cuttings have been taken – Julias Rose (lovely coffee coloured – no success in the past with cuttings but hopefully this time), Bonica – delightful pink with lovely perfume – a hedging type rose, Huntings Red (I think that’s it’s name) Salvia and Climbing Queen Elizabeth Rose.

This rose is a cutting from the original I had grown at the second house we lived in. (This is our third and hopefully last). It flowered for the very first time the day of my Grandfathers funeral and I had three perfect buds to lay on his coffin. Queen Elizabeth is Pink – but her thorns are definately of the male variety being very wicked – ask Ashley what he thinks of them. Pa would have loved this rose despite its colour. It is tough and hardy , flourishes anywhere I have planted it – and a lot like Pa – thrives on adversity and challange.

Woodhenge was also weeded and mulched heavily. The Climbing Wedding Day rose is romping along and will be a picture in the spring when it is out in flower. I must remember to take a photo.

Who knows what tomorrow might bring. If the weather stays nice – it was like a warm spring day today – I might be tempted to excerise the body some more and plant more bits and peices. Garden realted ideas are growing in my mind – a new hedge I think and possibly some more rose cuttings, and a little more weeding, and those irises need moving………


7 thoughts on “Gardening today…..

  1. I’ll also have a bit of your money tree if it’s going!

    Your garden sounds so peaceful – I’d love to see it in person, I’m sure it’s heavenly 🙂 The roses sound gorgeous too, I can’t wait until ours flower!

  2. After reading all you did today I was tired. I will have your last glass of wine for you…

    Take care,

  3. Oh my gosh. I don’t think I’d be getting out of bed until Monday. 🙂

    What a productive weekend you’re having.


  4. I would be asleep after 3 glasses of wine and a day in the garden. Im exhausted just thinking about it. Watch out for your sewing fingers with those thorns! 🙂

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