House Embroidery

It is been delightlful to read the lovely comments on my house embroidery – quite a buzz in fact. Who would have known there would be so much interest.

I thought last night, while lying in bed, I should have explained some of the stitches. You will have to refer to the photos to work out what I mean.

I have mainly used the ususal stitches – french knot (I am so good at these now…lol) detached lazy daisy (always a favorite), what I call stab stitch – just long and short stiches, not touching each other, but going in different directions, fly stitch and feather stitch for the dark green “bushes”. I found working this stitch upside down gave me a more rounded bush and I could keep in mind the eventual shape it should be. I tried working it the “right side up” and had this horrible spiky bush that was like nothing I had ever seen…lol.

Single strands of thread I found best for the yellow bullion stitch flowers with straight stitch stems and the foxglove type flowers in pink and purple are in single stand chain stitch. Very fine and delicate but they give the impression that I wanted.

For a long time I worried that this garden wasn’t going the way I thought it should be, then I had a revelation. My garden – the one I slave over and grumble at the weeds..vbg – doesn’t go the way I want it to either. Plants have a life of their own and should be allowed to grow the way God intended them to. So now I have lightened up and just let the embrodiered garden “grow” the way it wants. By the way – I have also discovered that you really need to walk away from it for a while – leaving it lying draped on a cushion or on the couch, so as soon as it catches you eye again, you instantly see the contrasts and depths that you have been stitching. Working so closely to it, really deprives the eye of those contasts and it all begins to blend.

No more stitching in it for a couple of days. Another knitted project has reared its delightlful head – a gift for a friend and I need to get that done. I will post more photos when I start stitching again.


2 thoughts on “House Embroidery

  1. There you go confusing me again with technical terminology lol…. It took me years to be able to read a knitting pattern lol

    I still have’nt finished that feather & fan scarf, maybe I’ll stop the other three tasks I have started since then and finish it lol. hugs xox

  2. Your house embroidery is coming along nicely Catherine! It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for ages but haven’t worked up nerve enough to try ….. yet. When you do reach a point of frustration I really believe wandering off for a bit is a good policy. 🙂

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