Cobwebs in my Garden

I have finally downloaded the camera and become organised enough to post the photos of the cobwebs that were adorning my garden the other morning. Just picture me clad in tartan flanalette PJs and bare feet, rushing madly around the garden snapping photos….lol.

Enjoy – I did.
Across the Garden


Cobwebs on Gate

Cobwebs on Fence

Sunlight catching cobwebs


8 thoughts on “Cobwebs in my Garden

  1. Gosh this is just amazing ….. I love it! I’ve never seen anything like these spider webs before .. all the family were glue eyed to each photo.
    thanks for sharing Catherine!!!

  2. I am always amazed at the beauty of God and Nature. No human could ever create anything as lovely.

    I’ve seen whole fields covered with spiderwebs hung with dew…just beautiful…it does worry me a little that there are that many spiders though. 😉

  3. Great photos! I esp. like the last one. The sun looks wonderful in that one! Hey, you’re one spiffy photo-taker!

  4. Spectacular…. may I copy these please for my artwork? I should like to use them for inspiration, not to actually use the photos themselves….. imagine all the things one could think up with such marvels to look at! hugs xox

  5. wow wow wow wow wow! I have seen some beautiful cobwebs before (usually during a haw-frost), but never as many as that! How beautiful 🙂

  6. I have never ever seen anything as beautiful as these photos. They are just amazing but it does worry me also that there are that many spiders in your garden…Yikes !!!!

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