Home Again……

… after spending the entire morning down the street, James chattering in my ear the whole time. No wonder I have a thumping headache now…lol. I had forgotton what it was like to have a little one with me while shopping. How short my memory is – James really hasn’t been at school for that many weeks.

His Doctors visit was good. Nothing majorly (is that a word?) wrong with him. I have been assured that he will grow out of bed wetting in time. Meanwhile I have some medicine he is to take just for a couple of days at a time, then we have a break from it which will help to break the bed wetting habit. Apparently when it has been happening nightly for approx. three weeks, it is then a habit. Either way it was an expensive morning with the Doctors fees and then the chemist bill. I just hope it works. James likes the Doctor – mainly because he got a lolly at the end of it – funny about that.

Nothing else happening here. A lovely sunny day and I’m too tired to even care I must admit – despite a reasonable nights sleep. I did a little more on my silk print last night, but after stabbing myself with the needle three or four times I decided it was time to put it away and go to bed. While I am pleased with my progress I haven’t done enough to warrant a photo here.

Following more of Sandie’s links I found these photos on croquet. Now my Mum plays croquet and she is always so hard to find gifts for – so I thought when looking at these that maybe one of the photos worked into a crazy quilting block might be just the things for Christmas. Now I’m not saying which christmas…lol., after all you know just how many tasks I take on at times. But the idea is growing in my mind and I think could be very pretty made up as a cushion. Best of all some of the photos are in sepia and Mum’s carpet is a very similar colour. Funny way of choosing what colours to use, but Mum does like things coordinated and who and I to argue.

I hope your day has been a good one.

Things I’m grateful for…

That James will grow out of wetting the bed.

That the Sun is shining and there is a bird nearby filling the garden with his song.

That an idea for a Christmas Present is growing.

That I have so many friends.

That my silk print is coming along nicely and a garden is starting to develop.


7 thoughts on “Home Again……

  1. Sounds like you have been busy. Funny how its always boys who wet the bed. Interesting! I have been there and done that! Good Luck!

  2. Don’t you love when Christmas gift ideas come quietly when you’re don’t trying to think of them?


  3. Hi Catherine ~ You sound flat out busy as usual, and I am glad to see that you and yours are all well. I’ve got my fingers crossed for James, and I’m sure he’ll grow out of bed wetting soon enough.
    Best wishes 🙂

  4. Glad all is well with James and that he will grow out of his bedwetting 🙂

    I had a drop of wine for you tonight – a very nice drop it was too! LOL

  5. Oh Catherine, I’m so glad there was nothing seriously wrong with your James. I took my two chickens grocery shopping after school today and very soon realised why I normally do it during school hours… all by myself lol. Goodness, I was tearing my hair out by the time I got to the third aisle. hugs xox

  6. Hello,

    Have just come across your blog via Gina’s. Haven’t read it all yet, but will return soon. I garden in Scotland in a tiny plot with lots of rain – I’m so interested in your huge, dry acres!

  7. Hiya Catherine, hope your pricking yourself you left your trade mark on your cottage print?? lol I have .. looking forwards to seeing your progress, I haven’t done much of mine. So pleased all is ok with James and in time he’ll not wet the bed.
    Your mad going shopping with kids …. I just never go down that path, like Nicole, I am normally besides myself within 3rd aisle! hugs

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