Mothers Day and Silk Prints

I hope everyone had as good a Mother’s Day as I did. Breakfast in bed, then pressie galore. Slippers from James and a hankie, Floral Mugs from Nicola, Toffees from Elise on a wooden Nut bowl she had made at school and Ashley gave me a handmade (not by him though) wooden box that you put potatoes in the top and onions in the drawer at the bottom. I have been wanting one for ages but it has been on the “want” list not the “need” list. Lunch up at Mum’s then tea at our place – Mum came down for tea which is always take away for Mother’s Day. Unfortunately at 1 am in the morning I woke to hear Ashley telling Nicola she wasn’t to throw up on her bed again and to get into the toilet. Sigh – guess who had to clean up everything. Ashley is a wimp when someone is being sick. Lucky it happened after midnight wasn’t it. Officially it wasn’t Mother’s Day any more.

One of the advantages of Mother’s Day is that they all know to leave me in peace for a while so I was able to make a serious start on my print of that old house.

It seemed to take ages before I was bold enough to even thread a needle. Too worried about stuffing it up I guess. Still I have started and it is easier than I thought – although I may change my mind about that before the end.

House print1

The pins are holding it onto a frame I made some time ago. I can’t work with a hoop. It drives me nuts, but this frame I can use (not that I do all that often). I thought if the print wasn’t stretched a bit, then even though I’m pretty good at the tension, it would be pulled sadly out of shape.

Here is the back of the print and you can see the frame.
House print1 the back
All it is is a peice of MDF cut out the size I wanted and with a hole cut in the middle. Batting wound around it then bias binding. I just stick the pins in right to their heads. I haven’t found that they pull out and they seem to tension it all ok.

The idea came from CQmagonline and the link to it is here. Worth a look and it is so easy to use and cheap to make.


8 thoughts on “Mothers Day and Silk Prints

  1. I think you will end up with something spectacular on this print. What is it a print of, i mean, whose house…gggg….did you print it yourself?

    your mother’s day sounds lovely and i am happy to hear that you got something that was on your “want” list instead of “need” list.


  2. Hi Catherine of the garden
    This is going to be such a beautiful block- I would not be able to drag myself from it- so back you go and do some more French Knots- what about putting some of my favurite knots – the colonial knot- just for a change!!
    I cannot wait to see it when you finish it come on get in the lounge sit down and pick it up and start doing more- the slave driving bear has spoken ggg – Al jokes aside I can see this will be beautiful catherine!!
    lubs n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxox

  3. Catherine, looks gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the end results …. french knotts are wonderful .. lol you can cyber smack me!

  4. Oh my goodness, I dont know how you obtain such patience for detailed work. I think my feet would be itching after 5 minutes lol… That is going to be an amazing piece of artwork my friend when you have finished it… hugs xox

  5. Hi Calidore, just thought I would drop in to see what you are up to, after reading your comment on Sharon’s blog. Wow, that cottage is going to be stunning! I started a small kit of embroidery on a picture like that once, but gave up after a while. Just couldn’t get into it.
    I’m glad you didn’t take a photo of your daughter’s bed after she had been sick…somebody did that on her blog once a few years ago and I was nearly sick when I saw it – eeewww….how disgusting. To photograph it I mean! I must admit I don’t regret being childless when I hear about these little events in a Mum’s life!

  6. How kind you all are to like my silk print. It is very relaxing to stich I must admit – not totally sure why, but I’m going with the flow…lol.

    Katie and Gina – how nice of you both to visit. Trust me Gina – cleaning up the mess was bad enough there was no way I was taking photos too.

  7. Love the print…and it’s going to look lovely embroidered.
    The frame is a good idea…must make one, as I also hate hoops.

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