I have spent the past few days frantically dyeing threads, ribbons and laces and having a ball while I’m at it. There is nothing safe in my house at the moment from the dyes – except maybe the cat and as he is black I don’t think the dye will show up terribly well…lol.

Sorry the photos aren’t the best – the flash washed out a lot of the colours, but I have mainly stuck to pinks ready for the Pretty in Pink Baggie Swap I am in.

This was this mornings effort – more pinks but I did branch out into different colours.
More Dyeing

And last but not least a close up of some of the pink (funny about that) ribbons, lace and doiley.
Yet More Dyeing

I have also been printing out lots of photos, postcards etc also for the Pink Swap plus I did quite a few for myself. I have even got myself organised and soaked nearly a dozen sheets of fabric in fabric softener and ironed them so they are ready to go when I want to start printing out more. Which knowing me won’t be too far away.

Now just to finish packing the baggies for the swap, clean the sewing room and then begin on some more projects or should that be finish some more ufo’s.

Have a lovely weekend and Mother’s Day.


5 thoughts on “Dyeing

  1. Oh Catherine, these are just delightful – the colours everything about them. Next you’ll have that black cat bleached and ready to ‘dye’ .. lol isn’t it exciting when you can do all this yourself and save yourself some money!!!! I was looking at your clothes horse and no old towel underneath it…… YIKES .. Catherine use an old towel .. ROTFLOL believe me, that dye will ‘drip’ .. and you won’t get it out. I’ve learnt this the hard way … *sheepish grin*
    Just beautiful … it’s lovely seeing others dyeing their own stuff. If you got any horrid DMC colour threads, try dyeing them too …. huggles

  2. Catherine…………You have a wonderful blogg and I am so pleased to have had you visit mine as new as it is so that it gave me an opportunity to visit you and what a wonderful blogg it is full of great info and the work you have done on your dyeing project well that is just so interesting as I never thought to dye anything as delicate like that before. I will admit I am a vintage china collector but do so admire those like yourself with these skills. I thank you again and will be back to visit soon.

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