There has been a lot of whispering happening in my house of late. Mother’s Day draws ever closer and preperations have reached almost frantic proportions with regard to the children. My Mum has been called in as taxi service, ferrying each of them down the street to purchase presents. Mum says it is exhausting – but lot of fun. I frequently hear cries, from behind closed doors of “quick get me some more sticky tape”. Or “Elise can you help me, my fingers won’t work wrapping this present” ,this I might add is generally from James

I’d like to direct your attention to a recent conversation held between myself (herein known as “M” and Elise, herein known as “E”).

E: Do you like toffees?

M: Yes, they are lollies and I loooove lollies.

E: Hmmmm, do you think you would like ones with cream centres?

M: They sound nice, I’m sure I would like them.

E: (small silence – cog wheels turning in brain) Ohh that’s good, I have found a really big bag of them, but wasn’t sure if they would be ok. I haven’t bought them yet (quick smile from E.) jsut wanted to check they are ok. Still have to check out jewellers – might be something nice there. (now my heart is beating – did she bribe/ask her father for some money or are they all chipping in for something expensive – nah never happens)

M: If that’s what you want toget me I’m sure they will be fine. However I would be just as happy with breakfast in bed, dishes done, house cleaned, meals prepared – even if it was just a can of something being opened and not having to yell at you kids reminding you of the jobs that aren’t yet done. (Ok well that last part was a mental conversation with myself….lol. For all of that to happen it would be Mothers Day, Chistmas and my Birthday all rolled into one.)

E: Okay – and she walks off.

Now I have to admit that it was pretty obvious what was happening, but I have to say after 13 years of being suitably surprised at what I get on Mother’s Day, I would like to think I am a master at the game by now. Mind you there have been years when I was totally and completely surprised. About the presents that is – the housework etc is never done.


2 thoughts on “Whispers

  1. After all that talk about toffees and jewellery, it sounds like you can expect something boringly practical for Mothers’ Day – like an iron or half a dozen face washers. (You’re right – I don’t have a romantic bone in my body!!)

    But I hope you have a lovely Mothers’ Day, no matter what you do or don’t get.

  2. Actually I want a new winter dressing gown and have dropped lots of hints, including “I want a dressing gown for winter”. No one is listening though….sigh.

    Although I have to admit an new iron wouldn’t be a bad thing. Elise dropped mine the other day and I’m not sure it will still even work. Can you tell I’m avoiding the ironing…lol.

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