Taking Up the Challenge.

As Sandie mentioned in her recent post, we have been chatting for a while about how to embellish a print. Now this isn’t something that I have ever done before, but must admit I am very excited about the whole prospect.

If you click on the link she provided, it will take you to where I found my picture, but just so you know what I am going to be working on here it is…..

Now I have to say I would loooooove to live in a house like this. It is the stuff dreams are made of. All those lovely timbers and windows and the sweetest entry to the front door. I might add, it is my dream, not Ashley’s. He looked at it and said it would be full of white ants, the electricals would need rewiring and I would constantly complain about the amount of housework I would have to do to maintain it. I didn’t bother mentioning that if we could afford a house like that we would also be able to afford “staff” to help clean it….lol. Ahhh well a girl can dream.

So my Dear Readers, I am taking up the challenge – a nice shiny sharp needle in one hand, trusty thimble in the other, threads spread from here eternity in my house and if I could find my scissors they would be beside me as I work…lol. As Sandie said we will be blogging our progress so keep checking in to see how we are going.


2 thoughts on “Taking Up the Challenge.

  1. Lovely house …. but in a Swan Hill summer ?????

    Of course, you could have it in the Northern Hemiphere and spend our winters over there. Although you may be like me and get tired of eternal sunshine.

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