Richard Carleton

Please spend a moment in prayer for the family, friends and work collegues of Richard Carleton, a long time Channel Nine reporter, who has worked most recently for 60 minutes.

He was covering the Mine Rescue at Beaconsfield in Tasmania, when he collapsed at the scene of a press conference given by the mine manager and died shortly afterwards. Some details are here.

A Postscript
I have, with Ashley, just watched Richard Carleton’s last story for 60 minutes. A story on the Mining disaster at Beaconsfield which has resulted in the death of one miner, and the entrapment of two others a kilometre underground. I have to say it was a surreal experience. Watching a man ask the hard questions on how the tragedy happened and who, ultimately was to blame for it happening, while appearing so hale and hearty, knowing that he has now passed into a better life, is something that I will not forget for a very long time to come.

Now is the time to realise – that this minute, this very second, maybe our very last on this earth.

Are you prepared for that final moment? Have you lived your life to the fullest, loved, laughed, cried and completed, or at least attempted to, everything you hoped to acheive in this life time? Have you forgiven yourself and others for real and imagined events that have occured? It is something I think we all need to consider.


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