Perfect Peace

In desperation I told Ashley this morning to disable the computer so that I might acutally acheive something. I seem to have spent hours on it of late answering emails and just generally catching up on what everyone is doing. The trouble is being on the computer for that long is that it can become a habit and while I wouldn’t survive a computer free day, some time away from the screen and keyboard is a good thing. I’m not sure if he did or not, but the urge to spend time in front of the screen was gone until late this afternoon when I asked him to restore the computer to me as I had to pay some bills, and I did acheive more than I thought possible.

I baked this morning, washed, did paperwork (always a mind numbing occupation…lol) and finally after reading Simple Abundance, and learning heaps about myself and my home in the process, set off for a leisurely walk around the garden. I think I spent well over half an hour just wandering. In no particular direction I just checked out all that was growing and what was not.

For once I did not grumble to myself about how the weeds were growing, or that that particular plant isn’t doing what I wanted. Instead I gave thanks that my garden is growing and maturing right before my eyes. The Oaks that Ashley I planted some months ago are growing strongly and I can see in my minds eye what they will look like in 30 years time. Yes 30 years – did I not tell you I’m here in my garden for the long haul. The Liquid Ambers I planted the other weekend are the most amazing red and gold colours. I am looking forward to them being a real feature in the garden as they get up in size. Thank you Alice for listing them as one of your favorites for autumn colour. I’m glad I chose them.

Many of the roses are still blooming madly and there is one in the front round about that has the absolutely best scent. It is the spiciest most delcious thing I have smelt in a long time. What rose is it I hear you ask? It is Fishermans Friend. By the way this site Rogers Roses is absolutely the best I have found for wonderful clear photos of roses and information on them and best of all it’s free.

Plans for what I want to do next in the garden are starting to firm up in my mind and hopefully I will be able to begin some of them in the next few months. This weekend will be spent in the vegetable garden – picking pumpkins and generally cleaning up. All the vegies I planted a month ago are doing wonderfully and I picked pak choy the other day for the first time.

I needed the time in the garden for myself today. I hadn’t realised how much I needed to be my own best friend and just be quiet within me. Thank you all for the lovely comments and emails I have received lately. They have warmed my heart.

Unfortunately the day was marred by an incident I witnessed after picking Elise up from school. I noticed a group of four girls standing on the side of the road as I drove past – three on one side, one (who was in Elise’s class last year) on the other, all yelling things at each other. Trust me you didn’t need to hear what they were saying – the body language was enough! Coming back, no more than 2 mins later, one of the three was heading across the road towards the lone girl, fist raised. I did a u-turn and headed back towards them. Not sure what I would do, but another lady had stopped by then and judging by her body language told the one with the raised fist just what she thought of her. Raised fist headed back to her cronies and the lone girl was being comforted. I headed home to the phone and rang the school and reported them. Bullying has absolutely no place in this world, especially among children. The head teacher of the lower school (where I know these children are from) is going to deal with it. So I left it in her hands.

I have calmed down now, but I sincerley felt like giving those kids a real shake and telling them what I thought of them and their silly war. And I mean all the girls, not just Raised fist and her cronies.

Right pleasant subjects now….

You will note, that after not as much trial and error as I first thought it might take, I have created a links list for my Frantic Friday Recipes. Obviously click on each one and they will take you to the said recipe. Hopefully it will make it easier for everyone, espeically me, to check the recipes and work out if I have already posted it. I would still like to have an appropriate picture above the recipes link but am not sure how to do that. If anyone can help, please let me know.

I hope your day was as productive as mine.

Things I am grateful for….
Friends – who email, comment and read my blog.
My darling husband
My beautiful children
The rain that has just started falling on my roof
The world I get to live in – yes even with its problems, it is still the best place to be.

6 thoughts on “Perfect Peace

  1. Wow, my best friend’s son is having trouble with a bullying teacher at the moment. I was bullied as a child too by my peers. It’s very sad to see such things and I think you did the right thing… some unfortunately wouldnt have turned around to help. Imagine what might have happened if no-one helped? xox

  2. I’m hoping to have a chance to go and photograph some liquidambers in the older parts of Canberra this weekend. They are at their stunning best at the moment with their multi-coloured leaves. The streets of scarlet oaks are looking magnificent too. I’m glad your trees are growing so well, Calidore.

  3. geez, what is the world coming to with this bullying? we had to pull our ms*sophie out of school last year, half way through year 10 all because of terrible bullying.
    I hate bullies. They make me so sad and make my heart hurt.

  4. Just packing my bags Alice so I can come exploring the trees with you…lol. Ohh and scarlet oaks – seriously yummy – if a tree can be called that.

    Yep Nicole and Robyn – bullying is the pits and I won’t stand for it from anyone. Bullies are cowards and hide behind their behaviour. Unfortuately ignorning them doesn’t always work – then they need exposing!!! Sorry feel strongly on this, I was bullied too. Not anymore though.

  5. I can help you put a picture above the link. It has to be small and you have to store it somewhere on a photohost. Well, that’s the way I do it.
    Have you had a look at my recipe blog? Maybe we can swap links on those! always fun to get new recipes.

  6. I stayed off the computer until 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. I can see that I’m going to have to cut back my computer time, too. I got so much more done.

    The hours just fly by on the computer, don’t they?


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