Shell Shocked and Weary

I am going to be taking a break from blogging for a few days. That will include reading and commenting on blogs.

I am shell shocked and soul weary about what has been happening regarding both blogs and an online sewing group that I am a member of.

I am not going to discuss who I think is right, or who is wrong in any of these cases. What I will say is this…

The whole affair is rapidly descending, in my opinion, into a school yard fight over “my games are better than your games so there, and you had better play it my way or else”. Honestly I have seen two year olds play nicer than some of the garbage that has been happening in the cyber world of late. We are supposedly all adults and should have at this stage of our lives some shred of dignity and respect for our fellow human beings but I have to say I have seen precious little of that lately.

Of course we are not all going to agree with what everyone else says or thinks or feels or believes, but do we need to lower ourselves to these levels? If you don’t like what someone has blogged about or emailed or whatever, then move on. Ignore it and spend your time more wisely than decending to the levels that have been reached.

In short GET A LIFE!!!!

You will note that I have removed the comments option at the bottom of this post. I’m not interested in comments that are negative or demeaning about another person, or indeed myself. Please do me the courtesy of not bothering to email on this subject either. I assure you those emails will be deleted unread immediately.

I know not everyone will like what I have written here, but too bad. I am so angry typing this I am shaking. This is MY BLOG and if you don’t like what’s here, then thank you for visiting and move on.


Thank you for leaving a comment. I love to read your thoughts on my posts and I do try to respond, sometimes though life gets in the way.

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