Finishing UFO’s

I have still been working on my UFO’s and as much to motivate myself as to shock you at my industry, I thought I should post some more photos….vbg.

This is my Bow Tie Quilt. Now I know it doesn’t show up in the photo but the ties are dimensional. I found a pattern where the “knot” in the middle of each tie is raised and you can poke your fingers partially under it – if that is what you feel like doing.
Bow Tie Quilt - another ufo finished
The quilt is 41 x 41 inches and is another the Quilt Police would loathe. I don’t acutally think there is too much in the way of cotton in it, all the ties are from fabrics in my stash boxes which I just liked the look off. This quilt was made way back when Nicola was a baby and I was in the middle of Post Natal Depression – so as a survival quilt (and that’s what I made them for – so I could survive PND) – it is precious. I quilted it some time ago on the gammill and then it just sat, until last week.

Thursday was my day for quilting another quilt – The Log Cabin as the new quilting threads arrived. Again this is a quilt that I made when suffering from PND. All the fabrics are poly cottons and they stretched so much when quilting it was a nightmare. Well I didn’t know any better back then…lol. It was a real pain to quilt from beginning to end. Fabric stretched and bunched, thread and needles broke and I cursed it from start to finish. Still the family likes it even if I don’t, to the point that Elise and James are arguing who is having it on their beds.
Gammill - working on the Log Cabin Quilt
At least I got a Paws of Approval from Jess. When it is bound and finished I will post a better photo.
Paws of Approval from Jess
By the way when I refer to the Gammill – that is what the quilt is on in the first two photos. Basically a huge sewing machine that can move in any direction to sew on a quilt that is pinned to the rollers so you don’t have to baste it. It makes life easier for me as I can no longer hold and push a quilt through my domestic sewing machine to quilt it.

Todays effort was to finish my Purple block I have been working on. The fact it rained yesterday and again this morning and the fire was throwing out a lovely warmth, was a really good incentive to sit and sew.
Catherine's block 3 finished
I still find that I bunch most of buttons and heavy embroidery to one side of the block and I’m not sure why I do that. I have tried to balance the colours out with some beading on the butterflies side of the block, but am not totally sure I have been successful. I thought of adding some more buttons, but Ashley (he who knows these says that I will stuff it up if I do. Well how can I argue with wisdom like that! I feel this block is starting to be more encrusted looking than some of my earlier works, but I still have a long way to go. The journey will be fun though. Goodness knows what this will end up being turned into. There are too many beads and buttons in the wrong places to make it into a glasses case and I have other ideas for a needlecase for myself. Perhaps it will end up as a pillow. I can’t see it as a bag. Any suggesstions will be received gratefully…vbg.


4 thoughts on “Finishing UFO’s

  1. you have a quilting machine? you should start doing it for pocket money! I love the PND quilt , I have a pillow that I made when I went through treatment – it is the ugliest coloured thing – quite odd looking but I guess it reflects how I was then.
    wish it would rain here. have a wonderful weekend, dear friend xox

  2. If I could work it properly I would Ms Robyn. I think you have to hold your mouth the right way to get everything to work on it…lol.

  3. Catherine, why not make another block similar to this one and join them together to make a bag, lining it of course… would be beautiful. Love the combinations of everything in the block, very stunning. Your quilts are gorgeous too, least they are completed and are ‘binded’ … lol

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