I’ve Been Gardening

I have been working diligently on my UFO quilts. The log cabin quilt (made when Nicola was a baby) is now on the gammill just waiting to be quilted. I was all set to start today, or perhaps tomorrow, when I discovered I really didn’t like the threads I have for it and now need to order some more. Ahhh the challenges of UFO completion. I have also sorted out all the quilts that have been hidng in my cupboard just waiting to be finished. Actually there are only about 8 (slight mental blank about the actual number) that need finishing. Some I am quite impressed with, others I just looked and wondered what I was thinking when I made them. I also have another quilt that I have finished, I just keep forgetting to take a photo of it, but will rectify that oversight next week.

Saturday was a gardening day. Well it was once I had nipped down the street to get Ashley some hayfever medicine. 20 minutes into my shopping (slight detour to purchase James some pajamas that fit) I get a phone call from Elise to say Ajax has gone missing – again!!! and Ashley had set off on his bike to find him. Hmmm that could be interesting. Went straight home (luckily there wasn’t heaps of choice in PJ’s so he had to take what I found), picked up Ashley and we went searching. Down to the road Ashley found Ajax on the other day and there he was again. The street (even though it is four blocks away if you follow the road), is actually behind us and is the access road for our neighbours at the back of us. Does that make sense?? I hope so, remember we are all on two acre blocks so the distance can be a bit distorted. Or maybe thats just me…lol. Anyway Ajax was found (playing with the neighbours dog – not sure if “it” is female or not) and bought home. Solitary confinement in the cat cage for the rest of the morning, then confined to the house for the afternoon. He was allowed outside today, but only in the yard area that is fenced. Ashley was fixing the fence, where he got through the other day, when Ajax thought he should wander.

Finally I got down to some serious gardening. Cleared the vegie garden of most of the weeds. Dumped some compost in there and rotary hoed up two beds. The seedlings I planted a few weeks ago are growing beautifully and it won’t be long before we are eating pak choy and lettuce. I found some self sown lettuce seedlings in another bed and moved and replanted them as well as some celery that has self sown in the shade house. If I try to grow it from seed it won’t grow, but it will self seed and grow everywhere in the shade house. Work that one out if you can.

We also created a new bed. Yes a new one. Like I don’t have enough now…vbg.
The Liquid Amber Bed
I bought two Liquid Ambers (Liquidamber Styraciflua) at Murrabit the last visit and they are now in this bed at the front of the block, one at each end. I plan to plant a row of Crepascule Roses between them as a hedge. The bed is only a few feet wide at the moment, but I will let the roses dictate just how wide it will end up. According to the label on the parent plant they will end up about three metres wide and just as high. Lovely. A beautiful perfumed apricot hedge. I can hardly wait. These cutting grown roses won’t go in until spring though – their roots need some more time to develop.

Today I cleaned up part of the bed near the cat cage. Ashley helped me dig out two big clumps of agapanthus that are being over grown by a shrub. I spit them up and planted them in the silver and red bed that we can see from the lounge room window. They make a sort of hedge along the back of the bed. I have worked out what roses are to go in there and will try to get them in this week sometime and I must start to seriously think about some bulbs for there as well. For once I am making a “serious planting plan” as opposed to my usual “stuff it in and see if it grows plan” just so I don’t have to dig out things later on and move them. See miracles do happen…lol.

Speaking of bulbs looks what is in full flower in my garden…
I am sure this clump was early last year too. All the other jonquils I have are still just leaves only a few inches high. Someone forgot to tell these ones that they are just slightly out of season.

And just to show that not only I take on big projects here is Ashley’s latest….
New Buggy
This, beleive it or not, is his new race car. It is some sort of buggy and he has made all the frame himself. The engine, axels and other mechinical bits are from a wrecked car he was given. He tells me it will have a floor and bits of aluminium at the sides and for the roof. I suggested that it might be safer (read slower) if he left out the floor and drove in the style of Fred Flinstone using his feet as the engine. Needless to say he was not amused. Actually I think it is quite safe despite what it looks like. There is way more steel than the requirements say you need for a roll cage and Ashley has used really good steel not the cheap stuff. Time will tell anyway. He knows he has to be careful and he is. I just don’t go to watch him race – far better to stay at home and keep busy than to worry.


4 thoughts on “I’ve Been Gardening

  1. That would have to be the earliest Jonquil sighting – mine are just green spears.

    The thing is – all the USA gardeners are just going ecstatic about their spring bulbs??????

  2. Trust me Cookie, if you had seen me hobbling around this morning before my bones and joints warmed up – you wouldn’t think I was a “young thing with plenty of energy”…lol.

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