Ten Simple Pleasures…..

I was tagged by Nicole for this meme …

It is all about 10 SIMPLE PLEASURES …
Name ten of life’s simple pleasures that you like most,
then pick ten people to do the same.
Try to be original and creative
and not to use things that someone else has already used.
So, here goes, and these are in no particular order …
1. Seeing the look of wonder on James’s face when he discovered Easter Bunny had been.
2. Having my husband hug me and tell me he is proud of what I have done.
3. Seeing the roses blooming madly in my garden.
4. A cup of tea and blessed silence after the children and Ashley have headed off to school and work for the day.
5. A block – yes a block – of chocolate all to myself.
6. Reading blogs and keeping up with the good friends I have made via the internet.
7. Reading a really good book – preferably a romance – that is so good that time and life stand still, at least for a while.
8. Seeing the promise of the beautiful young woman Elise is becoming.
9. Seeing Nicola’s eyes and smile light up a room when she tells me something funny that happened during her day.
10. Just being alive. Living, breathing, loving, crying, shouting, screaming, laughing and rejoicing in the woman I am right now, this minute.
Now to tag people – hmmmm…..
Well you have probably all been covered by others, but if you haven’t,
I will make this an open invitation
please feel free to jump right in and share your Simple Pleasures.

2 thoughts on “Ten Simple Pleasures…..

  1. How many of your pleasure’s can we join together to make even better??? Reading a romance whilst eating a whole block of chocolate with the biggest bouquet of roses sitting on the side table… lol.. Mmmm I did’nt put chocy in mine as Meow had done it and I was’nt allowed to copy 😦 Your answers were truly devine and I thank you xox

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