Blasted Dog

I have had one of those mornings. First it was sunny, then cloudy and cool but I decided to perserve and do some gardening. Actually in the end I got more than I thought done and the path to the pergola is starting to look quite tidy – as opposed to the weed infested tract it was becoming. 10 am rolled around and it was time for a cuppa -as all good gardeners

Called the dogs – I had three of them with me today. Ajax (Ashley’s), Cleo (mine) and Sally (mum’s). Cleo and Sally came straight in, but no sign of Ajax. I called and called – the workmen next door must have wondered what was happening – but no sign of him. So I started searching. It takes quite a while to thoroughly search 2 acres. Still no sign. Looked on the road, into the padock over the road. Nothing!!

By this time I’m really starting to worry and panic is just starting to set in. We lost Ajax once before – he was taken from outside where Ashley was working and later returned, but not for several extremely worrying hours. So I called Ashley and in tears explained I had lost Ajax and could he come home and help me search. The theory being that while Ajax may ignore my calls and whistles – he won’t Ashley’s.

Ashley arrived home in less than 10 minutes with his Dad and we all called and whistled and searched some more. So the men went for a drive towards the industrial estate. Nothing there, so they wen’t the other way. Five minutes later – as I’m about to fall on the floor in a sobbing mess ( remember the dogs are like our children and treated as such) Ashley pulls up at the front door with Ajax. Well if I thought a skinned dog would be attractive, that’s what Ajax would be right now. He was four streets away – supposedly looking for Ashley!

He has been scolded until he hid his head and is now on house arrest until we can find where he got out of the fenced yard. We are supposed to be getting more wood this weekend, I think me might be getting quite a few very heavy logs to put along the bottom of the fenceline to prevent him pushing the wire up and exploring.

So after all that I loaded a tray with really pretty tea cup and saucer, banana cake on a plate and a full pot of tea and sat and drank until I calmed down. Ajax can whine at the door all he like, he is being ignored.

I sincerly hope your day has been a good one and a whole lot less stressful than mine has been.


4 thoughts on “Blasted Dog

  1. Calidore – you’ll be happy to know that my day was very stressful too. I woke at 5.15am so that we could leave home by 6.00am to see the hot air balloons but, although it was quite calm on the ground, there was too much wind higher up and would have taken the balloons straight to the airport (and somehow aircraft pilots don’t like that!). Since there were no balloons to watch, we bought breakfast from the Lions Club tent and sat in the sunshine to eat (eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, coffee). We then drove to Lake Burley Griffin and strolled in the sunshine, taking photos of the lake and the autumn leaves. Somehow we finished up at one of our favourite nurseries, and after purchasing a few essentials (bargains too good to miss, that means), we sat in the sunshine and had tea and delicious cake. Another walk through the mature gardens to take more photos (186 for the morning) and then home, to read blogs and look at the photos on the computer, and contemplate our stressful morning’s work.

    See, you haven’t got it all on your own ….. gee, just as well I ducked then – “why did you throw that teapot at me, Catherine?” – your aim is pretty good when you’re mad … LOL.

  2. Ha, Ha, Ha Alice – very funny!!! Can I come over to your house next time you are having such a stresssful day? Sounds like the kind I can deal with.

  3. Glad your stress-filled day turned out okay in the end Catherine, and that Ajax was found safe and sound. Missing dogs are as much cause for alarm as are missing children and/or husbands. What breeds are your dogs and your mother’s?

  4. Dawn – my dog Cleo is a corgi/foxy cross, but she looks like a corgi. Ajax is a hairy Jack Russell and Sally is a Miniture Fox Terrier. All small enough to tuck under your arm or fit on a lap when trying to do something else…lol.

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