Camping Adventures

Ahhh Easter a time where we cut wood, live with the smell of wood smoke in our clothes, bedding and food, contend with flies and mozzies and come up with inventive explanations of how Easter Bunny can find us.

We headed out to our camp Thursday afternoon, later than we thought as Ashley was caught at work and we set up and eating Take away (yes we cheated) by 6 pm which wasn’t bad considering the rush we were in. It was quite warm and sleeping was definately comfortable and not as chilly as I thought.

Friday we woke to the sounds on rain drops on the canvas and suffered/rejoiced with showers of rain all day. Unfortuantely it also became colder with every shower and there was a lot of mad rushes to get everything under cover. As each shower passed the sun came out and there was blue skies (espeically as we headed into town to unload out first trailer load of wood) and we thought the rain had finished with us. Not so. Just on 5 pm there was a sudden downpour and it bucketed down. Ashley and I got really wet and very chilled so we grabbed the kids and what we needed and chickened out and headed home to sleep that night. We left everything well pegged down and hoped it would all be there in the morning when we returned. It was – where we camp is very isolated (even thought it is only 30 minutes to home) and unless you knew we were there you wouldn’t find our camp, we were more worried about any strong winds that came along. I must admit it was nice to sleep in a warm bed and have a very hot shower at the end of a long day.

Saturday we headed out to our camp again to find there had hardly been anymore rain and the sun was shining brightly. Breakfast was cooked over the fire (see we are dedicated campers…lol) and more wood cut. Back into town – again – to unload the next trailer load of wood then back out again (yep we do travel a lot) in time to start getting ready for tea. Sausages and vegies cooked in the camp oven – can’tbeat that for a meal.

It became colder as time went on and by the time I fell into bed (at the respectable hour of 7 pm) I was feeling fairly chilly. Now our bed in the camper trailer has a good mattress and three pure woolen blankets and a feather doona. More than enough to keep us warm and it has on many occassions. Not this time. Ashley was fine, spent most of the night snoring away quite warm and cosy. Not me. Picture this – it is cold and getting colder. I have on flanalette pj’s, tracksuit pants on over the top and a windcheater. A thermal beanie on my head and socks on my feet. Ashley is on one side of me and the dog (under the blankets by this time – not something I encourage, but I was too cold to argue) the other and I was doing a remarkable impersonation of an iceblock. Dawn could not come fast enough. In fact I was out of bed and standing by the fire by 6.45 am the following morning (Sunday). The best part of being up so early on Sunday, was seeing the look of wonder on Jame’s face when he discovered Easter Bunny had been and left him two books – one of which he is nearly reading on his own. (Remember Nicola can’t have chocolate so Easter Bunny generally resorts to books or games for Easter) A much better present in my view and they last for so much longer than chocolate. The girls were equally excited about their books and curled back into their beds (which they found warm) to read until breakfast was cooked.

We cut more wood (why is that a surprise) then packed up everything and headed home Sunday afternoon. Everything was unpacked and we were enjoying a coffee in front of the wood heater by 4.30 in the afternoon. A day earlier than expected but it was even colder Sunday night and there was no way I was going to freeze my extremeties off again.

Today’s excitement has been me doing 10 loads of washing – I had to stop cause there is a change coming with the promise of rain and I’m running out of room to hang the last bits that aren’t dry. Ashley washed two cars and cleaned out the inside of both, including cleaning their windows. I mowed lawns and the kids just sat around. They are exhausted and James was in the wars all weekend. He burnt his finger one day, then the next he and Nicola were playing and for some strange reason, decided they would use sticks as swords (not a recommened game I might add) and Nicola’s stick whacked him on the finger, pulled skin off the side of it and there was blood everywhere. Now when you are camping there is only so much you can mend with a bandaid – so needless to say that game was banned.

So there you have it – our annual Easter holiday. I must admit we didn’t enjoy this camping trip as much as previous years. Normally Easter is in the holidays so we don’t have to rush as much and this year it felt like more hassell than it was worth at times. Now I can hear some of you wondering why, when we travel back into town each day to unload wood, don’t we just go out and cut wood, then head home to comfort that night? Well yes we could – but where would be the fun in that?? This is our break as a family and Ashley and I have found that sitting around the camp fire gives us a chance to catch up as a couple as much as spend time with our children. Plus the challanges of camping with no electricity, no running water, a pit toilet and all the other dramas makes a change from the normal routine of our life.


5 thoughts on “Camping Adventures

  1. Your weekend sounds lovely and love hearing about other family traditions that people do.

    I know how it feels to be cold camping and being awake and only wishing for morning. A hike up a mountain in Canada, only to discover snow at the top. It was too late to go back down so we had to camp with what we had….as soon as daylight it…we nearly ran down the mountain to get warm again.

  2. Can I have some of whatever you’re on!? I could really do with some get-up-and-go (mine got up and went…)!

    Have a peaceful week!

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