Easter Parades

Today was the Easter Hat Parade at Primary School. James came home all excited about it a couple of weeks ago and he and Elise got stuck in and made his hat. Only Preps, Grade One and Grade Two participate in this – the older grades just cheer them on. This morning it was a different story – didn’t want photos taken, wasn’t going to wear it and so on.

When we got to school I explained to his teacher what was happening. She said she always has one child in every class that refuses to wear the hat or even go in the parade and she said it is always a boy. Fantastic! So we left them to it. James’s teacher is a much better negotiator than I am.

Surprise, surprise there came my boy with a huge smile on his face, proudly wearing his hat and loving every minute of the attention. Typical male, changes his mind endlessly, and they say women are bad…lol.

The parade was very successful, the kids had a ball and I think the parents enjoyed it even more.

I will be away for a few days. It is our annual camp and cut wood weekend. Hopefully the weather won’t be too bad, I have packed the thermal underwear, beanies and so on just in case. There is plenty of food and I have a few books and some knitting I want to read and do – although it is always debatable just how much time I do have to myself. Elise bought herself paints, brushes and an art pad this morning. She has told me she wants to paint this weekend. I’m not too sure what she is painting, or for that matter how good she is, but at least she is thinking of things to do. Who knows we may have a budding artist in our midst.

From my family to yours, have a wonderful and Happy Easter. I hope you get lots of nice things from Easter Bunny – crafty or gardening things that is or failing that lots of chocolate. I will catch up when I return and hopefully have some photos to share.


3 thoughts on “Easter Parades

  1. safe travels to you sweetie xoxo – I love Easter hat parades! I had such fun making the hats for my kiddos when they were small.
    Have fun camping – I am glad it is you and not me – I am never a happy camper. Hope the leeches stay away! see you when you come home.

  2. Have a great camping trip and look forward to great pics when you get home. Im with Robyn…Im not a happy camper either! Like my home comforts too much.lol Happy Easter

  3. Hope you had a fantastic time camping and eating chocolate – I love camping but don’t ever seem to get time to do it. xox

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