Parent/Teacher Interviews

Today was another of those days where I ran around like a hen with its head cut off. Grocery shopping this morning and I bought myself a slack/pants pattern (which hopefully will become a well used one) and some fabric. I have tried on heaps of different pants in the last few weeks but nothing fits or looks good. I’m afraid the low rise pants do nothing for me – “muffin top” is a phrase that comes to mind when looking at all the bits that overhang the pants. I know it might be the fashion – but honestly on me it isn’t attactive.

Home to get organised (as if that was going to happen) then up to the secondary school for Elise’s Parent Teacher Interviews. Now we were told that the school likes the children there for the interveiw. Well that wasn’t happening for two reasons. One Elise watched the other two at home while we were gone, our resident babysitter (Mum) being in the N.T. at the moment, and two I don’t think the kids need to be there. If I have issues with a teacher I need to be able to sort them out without worrying that Elise would be worrying about what I am saying and wondering if she will get into trouble when next she has that teacher.

As it happens there were four teachers we wanted to see – Maths, General Studies, Indonesian and Science – but we only got to see two Maths and General Studies. The Indonesian teacher is ill and there was no explanation as to why the Science teacher was away.

Maths – well absolutely no dramas there at all. As it happens I knew the teacher when he was just a little boy at the yacht club we used to attend. He was nice then, and is even nicer now. We had a lovely chat and were told that Elise is doing really well. She will pass Maths with flying colours if she keeps up the work. She has a really good work ethic and asks questions when she is stuck. Trying to read the class scores upside down while still keeping eye contact with the teacher is tricky, but a skill we are learning to From what we could see, Elise and two others have the highest scores in maths which is wonderful.

On to General Studies. This is the teacher I rang some time ago when Elise was really stuggling with homework and the social side of life. She was nice, but different if you know what I mean. I honestly think this teacher has far too many students, across to big a form range to be effective when it comes to individual students. She was pleased with Elise’s work and said she works well in class. Her spelling needs serious work (just like her Mum’s…lol) and her writing (the way she writes as in forms the words) needs work. Apparently when Elise writes a “t” or “d” the top part of the letter goes too far upwards. Now I ask you – does it really matter???? We ignored that bit – it is the least of our worries. The other problem she has was Elise wasn’t relaxing and joking enough with the kids in class. She is concered that Elise doesn’t know how to “chill out”. We tried explaining that in this household work comes first and play later when the work is done, but I think it was falling on deaf ears. When we told Elise she said that the class has a joke, then gets yelled at for mucking around. Ohhh well there is always two sides to every story, but sometimes you have to wonder. I would have thought a teacher would welcome a student who wants to work, but we were given the impression that to slack off and joke around was almost a better way to be. Now maybe we have got the wrong end of the stick – but I have to wonder.

Is this the way of the future? Why am I asking that, you see it everyday. People who don’t want to work, who think others will take care of the problem, who feel that the world owes them are more and more becoming the norm. More and more it becomes apparent that those with a solid work ethic and standards of behaviour (such as our kids have) are becoming a rarity. We tried explaining that we have a very old fashioned way of raising our children, that work, respect, courtesy etc are first and foremost. We even tried explaining that Elise is probably more mature in her attitude to her studies than others. It fell on deaf ears. Now I’m not saying that Elise is perfect. Of course she isn’t, and as parents Ashley and I aren’t either. Goodness knows I have posted enough about what I feel are the lack of standards and morals just in our family alone, but the fact a teacher seemed to think that lack of committment was ok went a abit against the grain.

Still apart from that we were pleased that Elise is doing so well at school and we have praised her to the hilt. By the way she also has technologies (wood working at the moment), cooking and art but we didn’t worry about interviews for those subjects. I know she can cook, technology while worthwhile wasn’t something I was concerned about and the art teacher has only just been appointed and is still trying to work out who is who. We will see them next time there is parent/teacher interviews if they have them again this year.


One thought on “Parent/Teacher Interviews

  1. Oh dear, I think our lives are synchronising in some weird way. I decided to not change Bens school for now, as I was worrying about things that hadn’t happend yet. But yesterday i found out that Bens still to graduate teacher has graduated and is taking on a new class, and the supervising teacher ( because he hadn’t graduated) is going back to what she was employed to do . Ben has been at school for 1 year and 2 weeks. In that time he has had 6 teachers, not including relievers which would add at least another 4!And a new one next term. I went to see the principal, and she is full of shit. Talked alot, said nothing, and I left KNOWING that she is not willing to address my concerns in any way. It’s too late to get Ben into the other school for the start of next term.
    Not feeling happy at the moment. Thanks for the vent. And isn’t great to know who the people that we entrust our children too are contributing to the erosion of good old fashioned values. Wish I had the committment to home school.

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